Greetings everyone,

It's come to my attention recently that vandalism has been rising. As such, ThomasTheWest, our only active content moderator has been bumped up to administrator and now has the permission to block people so he doesn't have to contact me anymore instead.

With that said, I've also enabled a setting where any edits have to be done through a logged in wiki account. I'm sorry for those who do not wish to make an account and have contributed in a meaningful way, but as they say; the few ruin it for the many.

As an additional note, the previous handover to official SCP:SL staff has been canceled (same for the Reddit), as those who were previously in power have since stepped down for similar reasons of my own. This means there is no trustworthy person currently within SCP:SL's staff team to hand this to. Besides, even if I'm still the owner/founder, this wiki has been running just fine without my daily attendance.

Keep writing, D-Bois. Y'all are doing me proud (those who don't vandalize, that is).

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