Greetings readers,

I've been unable to log into the wiki for so long due to my own game project, and that left the wiki in a state of disrepair and bad moderation. I'm aware there's currently a lot of ongoing issues regarding vandalism. I count on the community to revert these while I'm going through what I'm about to say.

I'll be handing off the wiki entirely to the SCP:SL staff. Whatever they do with it is up to them from that point onwards.

It's been a great privilege to work with the Community on turning this wiki from when it once started to what it is now (not vandalized, mind), but it's time for me to move on. I've quit the team since March, and I can't promise I can equally divide my time in a fair manner that will be fitting to those who work to turn this wiki into something, and my own game project. And if I'm honest, the latter has my undivided attention.

The handover is meant to happen somewhere coming week.

It's been an honor, and I'm signing out for now;


note- :(

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