The following is a list of all active weapons in the game and their base(unmodified statistics)

Weapon Name Damage Rate of Fire Magazine Capacity Ammo type Headshot damage
COM15 Pistol 21.4 360 RPM 12 9mm 86
USP 25.5 300 RPM 18 9mm 102
MP7 13.2 600 RPM 35 7.62mm 53
Project 90 14 660 RPM 50 9mm 66
Epsilon-11 SR 18.2 480 RPM 40 5.56mm 73
Logicer 19.8 660 RPM 18 9mm 79


  • Damage: Amount of damage the weapon deals per hit.
  • Rate of Fire: Rate at which a weapon fires.
    • RPM(Rounds Per Minute): Number of rounds that can be fired per minute.
  • Magazine Capacity: Amount of ammo the weapon can hold.
  • Ammo type: The type of ammo the weapon uses.
  • Headshot Damage: Amount of damage the weapon deals when fired at a human's head.
Weapons in SCP: Secret Laboratory
Guns Micro H.I.D.Epsilon-11 SRLogicerProject 90MP7USPCOM15 Pistol
Throwables Fragmentation GrenadeFlash Grenade
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