The USP is a weapon in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which fires slowly, but deals large amounts of damage.


The USP will spawn in one of three locations across the facility. The Light Containment Zone armory, the Warhead Silo armory, or the SCP-049 armory.

It deals the most damage of any weapon, bar the Micro H.I.D.. A headshot from a USP equipped with the heavy barrel attachment will be able to kill any human player, with the possible exception of MTF Commanders. The USP has the lowest fire rate of any weapon in the game and has a cool-down before use when equipped.

The USP can be made in SCP-914 by using the "Very Fine" setting with the Weapon Manager Tablet (~50% chance) or with the "COM-15" pistol (100% chance).


Sights Icon Modifiers
USP collimator
Recoil (while aiming)
Zoom scale

Barrel Extensions Icon Modifiers
USP Silencer
Shout Loudness
Heavy Barrel
USP Heavy
Shot Loudness
Fire Rate

Other attachments Icon Modifiers
USP Flash
Adds Flashlight


 Related Achievements 

  • Pew Pew!: Kill 5 enemies in less than 30 seconds.
  • ... You thinking what I'm thinking?: Find any gun as a Class-D.
  • If you want something done right...: Kill an SCP as a Scientist.


  • The USP is based on the USP Compact Tactical.
  • The USP attached with a Heavy Barrel is based on the USP Match.
  • The heavy barrel is actually a compensator, which are meant to reduce the recoil of the weapon.
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