The Tutorial class is a hidden class in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It can only be accessed through commands or the Remote Admin panel. In the early stages of SCP: Secret Laboratory, they were used in the Tutorial stages found on the main menu. However, that has since been removed.


Tutorials have a bright orangish-red Facility Guard model, and have a bright green role color. Tutorials spawn with nothing in a tower on the Surface

The Tutorial class does not affect win conditions and does not have any goals other than to "Follow the tasks to complete your objective."

Due to not being normally playable without the use of Remote Admin, the Tutorial is often used by moderators patrolling their servers, and various plugins such as the Serpent's Hand plugin.


Previously, the only way to access the Tutorial class was to go into the remote admin text console and use the command "forceclass [ID] 14"; but now, it is accessed like any other role with the 9.0.0 update (Megapatch II)



  • The original Tutorial stages were voiced by TheVolgun.
  • The original model for the Tutorial was a standard NTF unit, however this was updated to the current model, a modified Facility Guard.
  • The Tutorial class is the only one in the game to have a fully-capitalized name.
  • Prior to v10.0.0., the Tutorial used to always have their hand raised, as if holding a keycard.
  • Upon death, the Tutorial's body becomes a Class-D ragdoll.
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