The Surface Zone is the topmost area of Site-02 in SCP: Secret Laboratory, serving as the spawning area for Mobile Task Force Units and the Chaos Insurgency. The Surface also holds the control room for the Alpha Warhead, as well as the escape route for Scientists and Class D Personnel to leave by.


Gate A Surface Elevator

Surface Gate A.jpg

One of the two elevators which lead into the Entrance Zone, it is located at the end of a small plaza in front of the bridge. The Elevator closes and remains permanently shut when the Alpha Warhead detonates.



The bridge is a long platform that extends from the Gate A Elevator and spans the perimeter of the Chaos Insurgency spawning area. From Gate A, a stairway allows access between the road and the gate.

Chaos Insurgency Spawning Area

Surface Topwalk.jpg

The Chaos Insurgency Spawning area is directly under the bridge located near Gate A's elevator. The arrival of a new Chaos Insurgency wave is marked by an armored van entering through a door towards the back, before leaving the way it entered after it had spawned in the players. (The van can also run over players, killing them)

Alpha Warhead Control Room

Surface Alpha Warhead Room.jpg

The Alpha Warhead Control panel is located ahead of where the Chaos Insurgency spawn, and must be accessed by a keycard with the unique clearance. When inside, there is the control panel on the opposite end and a workstation on the right wall. The Alpha Warhead control panel requires a keycard with warhead control clearance. After the panel is activated with a keycard, the cover over the activation button will retract for the rest of the round. When the button is pressed, a 90 second countdown will commence. Once the countdown reaches zero the subterranean parts of the facility will be destroyed, and all access to Gates A and B will be blocked until the end of the round. After the nuke is detonated, the door to the control room are opened, and cannot be closed except by the admin panel.

Large Blast Gate

Surface Blast Door.jpg

There is a large blast door located in between the spawning areas of the MTF and Chaos Insurgency. This gate requires no clearance to be opened, but will remain open after the Alpha Warhead detonates.

Gate B Surface Elevator


One of the two elevators which lead into the Entrance Zone, it is situated next to the blast gate and the MTF Spawning area. The Elevator closes and remains permanently shut when the Alpha Warhead detonates.

MTF Spawning Area

Surface MTF Spawn Empty.jpg

The MTF spawning area is located next to the escape area and the Gate B Elevator. The arrival of a new wave of MTF is marked by a helicopter landing within the walls of the facility before leaving after the players have spawned.

The Escape Area

Surface Escape.jpg
Surface Escape Zone.jpg

The escape area is where D-Class personnel and Scientists must go after escaping the facility. If a D-Class escapes, they will respawn immediately after as a Chaos Insurgent, while a Scientist will respawn immediately after as a Scientist MTF.

Tutorial Spawning Area

Tutorial watchtower.png

This is where the Tutorial Class spawns.

 Related Achievements

  • Gear up, Boys!: Respawn as a Nine-Tailed Fox.
  • CHAAOOOOS!: Respawn as Chaos Insurgency.
  • It's always left, Brothers: Escape as D-Class Personnel.
  • For Science!: Escape as a Scientist.
  • T-minus 90 seconds...: Survive a successful detonation of Alpha Warhead.
  • Escape Artist: Escape the facility in 3 minutes or under.
  • High on the Wings of Caffeine: Escape while under the effects of SCP-207.
  • Property of the Chaos Insurgency: Liberate two or more SCP objects from the facility while escaping as a Class-D.


  • The lights fixtures that hang above the Chaos Insurgency Spawning area can be stood upon if the player vaults over the guard rail and onto the light.
  • If SCP-079 has containment Level 3 access or more, they can open the Alpha Warhead control room's door.
  • The surface zone has been ripped from SCP: Containment Breach. The only difference from the Surface Zone from SCP:CB in Secret Laboratory is that the Alpha Warhead control room replaces the service tunnel at Gate A.
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