Stamina is a mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which limits how long humans can sprint for.


By holding down the Shift key, Humans and SCP-939 can sprint.

If a human sprints, their stamina will be gradually drained. If a human runs out of stamina, they will be forced to walk and they'll unable to sprint. All human classes have the same amount of stamina, as well as identical depletion and regeneration rates.

SCP-939 has no stamina limit and is thus able to sprint without ever stopping.

Humans are able to sprint for longer periods of time using Adrenaline, or even infinitely by consuming SCP-207.

These are all the default values for stamina.

  • Stamina drains at 5% per second while sprinting.
  • There is a 3 second grace period after spawning where humans can sprint without using stamina.
  • Humans must stop sprinting for 1 second before stamina can start to refill.
  • Humans can sprint for 20 consecutive seconds before needing to refill their stamina.
  • Adrenaline shots will give the user 20 seconds of infinite Stamina.
  • SCP-207 gives infinite Stamina until the SCP-207 effect is removed.


Server owners cannot directly input the time it takes for stamina to fill up again, but they can change the recharge rate multiplier. By default the recharge rate has a multiplier of one.

Server owners can also adjust the multiplier for human walk and sprint speed in the stamina section in the gameplay config.

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