"Site-02 is an unforgiving place. Stay on your toes, follow protocol, survive or die for the cause, and remember… We die in the dark so others may live in the light.

-Steam Store Page"

Site-02 is the Foundation site where SCP: Secret Laboratory takes place.


Site-02 is a site that currently contains 7 animate SCPs (including two 939 instances) and 5 inanimate object SCPs. C.A.S.S.I.E, an AI-controlled mechanism is responsible for internal security of Site-02.

Site-02 is comprised of 4 zones, Light Containment Zone, Heavy Containment Zone, Entrance Zone and a Surface Zone


The following are a list events that took place at an unspecified time.

  • SCP-999 was killed by unknown means. 
  • SCP-294 is removed from Site-02 for an unknown reason. 
  • The second version of the Micro H.I.D. is created. 

The following are events that took place at a specific time or span of time (e.g., a containment breach)

In March 2008, C.A.S.S.I.E. began operation at Site-02 to keep it safe from breaches.

In December 2014, the last core opening for C.A.S.S.I.E occurred.

SCP-049 is contained some time between late 2016 and early 2017 and is subsequently moved to Site-02 sometime after.

At an unknown time after C.A.S.S.I.E.'s installation, SCP-096 is scheduled to have a test. On the day of SCP-096's test, SCP-458 is authorized to be located in Site-02's cafeteria for only this day.

At an unknown time during or after 2017, a containment breach occurs at Site-02, which is when SCP: Secret Laboratory takes place.

During a containment breach at around 03-05-██ - 0300 hours, multiple members of Epsilon-11 unit LIMA-12 are killed by SCP-096. Visual sightings of SCP-096 exhibiting new behaviors are confirmed. Footage of this is later recovered.

During the containment breach at an unknown time, a security camera records a Class-D using SCP-268 to evade and eventually kill 3 members of an unknown Epsilon-11 unit.

Named Personnel

This is a list of known people who were in or worked at Site-02.

Mayfair - Director of Site-02.

Sew - Site-02's Senior Engineer Ward.

Pan Janusz - A scientist currently working at Site-02.

Pszemek - A male scientist that worked at Site-02. Status currently unknown.

Pani Tomek - A female scientist that worked at Site-02. Status currently unknown.

Grazynka - A female scientist that worked at Site-02. Status currently unknown.

Jan Kalous (D-55240) - A 32 year old male Czech who is a former drug dealer. Is responsible for hundreds of deaths due to poisonous drugs. Currently located at Site-02.

Charlotte Richer (D-34910) - A 37 year old female Parisian who was a pickpocket and burglar. She entered the foundation a year after a successful bank robbery in Paris. Status currently unknown.

Kate Norris (D-29640) - A 28 year old female from England who murdered multiple people. Status currently unknown.

Claudia Meyer (D-31972) - A 28 year old female German who produced substances. Was shot by a foundation group posing as anti-terrorists. Status currently unknown.


Some media such as streams or videos from Northwood feature emails from various people. You may read them here.

SEND TO: Site-02 director

SUBJECT: Are we still on for today?

Everything is prepared. Exterior hatches are sealed until everything goes as planned, and the personnel were debriefed in person this morning. We've been picking up odd readings from 096's chamber, which I'm told is normal. Do I have your authorization to proceed?


TO: 02-D

SENT: 04:30 PM, today

SUBJECT: RE" We still on for today?


FROM: Site-02 director

TO: All Site-02 personnel

BBC: Site-02 director

SENT: 08:02 AM, today

SUBJECT: Regarding today’s events

NOTES TO SELF: Sending this to myself as a reminder.

With you-know-what happening later today, I want to give you some input on things as I see them.

- Last time went well. I’m confident we can pull it off this time too, if we play our cards right, in spite of the major delays. I have faith in you.

- Make sure everything’s prepared. Last year one of the rooms vanished because of an unattended anchor and we had several casualties.

That wasn’t fun to explain to Ethics. I get that things are hectic, but we can at least make a bare minimum effort here.

- I don’t know who thinks “cd” is short for “countdown”, but it’s not. Please don’t locally reassign commands on public-facing terminals. I know command prompts can drive people crazy when most of us have other OSes at home, and that SMAG is old as sin, but it’s also easily extensible and I don’t think I need to mention why that’s important in our line of work.

Let’s have a safe day, alright? I know we’re all nervous, but it’s just a procedure, and we’ve been through it before. We’ll be on standby to monitor any fluctuations and our systems are equipped to address them within a few hours. We’ve been a lot more thorough with this one, but the possibility still remains, and we’re all equipped for it. Wait til the readings are stable til we break out the champagne. Which will be happening, by the way. Our line of work is a very dangerous one, but we can still do little things to keep us sane in a world that’s not.

If everything goes smoothly, today will be simple. Routine object tests have been paused for today, as you know, so once we get this done, we can take it easy and make sure nothing goes wrong. We’ll undoubtedly have to make some adjustments once it’s operational, but we’re all used to that. There will be heavy load on our power grid – I will be adjusting the reactor output to ensure we have more than enough excess. Expect a power flicker sometime this afternoon. It shouldn’t knock out any system power, but there may be a few minutes running on backup while the reactor adjusts. As normal, primary power will resume once FULGORA is adjusted completely.

Secure, Contain, Protect.

~ M, Site-02 Director

P.S. We’ve been authorized to have 458 for today only. It’s under surveillance and its case is bolted to the counter in the cafeteria. Have as much as you want within reason, but *please* don’t make me regret this. We still don’t have 294 back (and we may never get it back in the first place) but the cafeteria still has soft drinks. Hard drink policy IS STILL IN EFFECT. Only employees with designated drivers will be allowed to have champagne, and possession of non-approved substances is a breach of protocol. If you have anything I didn’t approve, make sure I don’t hear about it.


TO: Site-02 director


SUBJECT: Project specifications [YOUR EYES ONLY]


FROM: Senior Engineer Ward

TO: Site-02 director

SENT: 01:22 PM, 1 month ago

SUBJECT: Is the plaque in the right spot?

We set up the plaque in the room that you asked for. There was a nice spot of empty wall it's in, although the lighting's a bit off. Let me know if you have any other concerns and we'll be happy to handle it.

Yours, Sew

FROM: Site-02 director

TO: Dr. V and 5 others

SENT: 11:02 AM, 7 months ago

SUBJECT: Re: Re: Fwd: 6-digit message numbers are unsustainable.

This is getting off-topic and it's unbecoming of everyone involved. If you had an issue with the software, you should have brought it constructively and to the people who make it - I am the site director and I have no ability to influence the development of the software. I've let them know of your concerns, but it will take several centuries before we reach the max email numbers, and this isn't even accounting for the fact that we can just run a reset on the DB and free up all the empty spaces.

We're here to keep the world safe, not argue about semantics. Please show more respect to one another and to yourselves. We're grown adults here and I think we can all do a little better.



  • The exterior Surface Zone of Site-02 is taken from SCP: Containment Breach, with minor changes added, such as the Nuke Control Room.
  • It is heavily implied that the events of SCP:SL are actually a recording, evidence of this is a projector with a tape called "Log-A71" is being projected as the main menu.
  • According the Ava, in SL canon, "The alpha warhead blows up only the underground parts of the facility."
  • According to Wavepoole, SCP-999's "death is kinda like SCP-001, there is no one true answer."
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