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SMod during the MP1 era, was a server-side plugin system that allowed users to install plugins that added many different and never before seen features to SCP: Secret Laboratory servers.

How SMod Was Utilized:

SMod provided server plugins to users who wished to have modded SCP: Secret Laboratory servers. SMod was one of the first, if not the first, server plugin systems to be created and allowed for many new features to be added to the game that had never been seen before. Almost all, if not all, of the server plugins were created by the community.

SMods Popularity:

SMod was the defacto plugin system for SCP: Secret Laboratory, no plugin system since SMod has come close to replicating both SMods popularity and utility.

Almost all servers that ran plugins before MP2 used SMod.

SMods Sharp Decline:

SMod came to an end when MP2 was released. The SMod team had prepared to continue working on the plugin system but has since been called off. The main reason was massive changes to the networking system that SCP: Secret Laboratory is run on.

The Controversy Over SMods End:

SMod has been criticized for not being updated since the release of MP2.

The SMod team has been accused time and time again of being lazy for being unable to update SMod and losing traction while other plugin systems like LabMod and EXILED take its former place.

However, it should be noted that a SMod Developer is currently dealing with a lawsuit against a former SCP: Secret Laboratory Developer after the Developer attempted to sell code from SMod to potential buyers. That former Developer has since been removed from both the SMod staff team and the SCP: Secret Laboratory staff team. The lawsuit is currently pending and SMod is currently halted.

Notable SMod Plugins:

SCP-914 Recipes:

  • Allows you to change/add item recipes for SCP-914.

Admin Plugin:

  • Administration Plugin for SCP: Secret Laboratory.

Better Disarming:

  • Allowed classes that previously couldn't cuff one another to do so.


  • Blackout was an extremely advanced game event where everyone would be spawned as either Scientists, Slendies (SCP-049's), or friendly SCP-079's.

Custom Announcements, Broadcast, Loadouts, and Respawns:

  • Same as the title.

Player Preferences:

  • A plugin which allows people to set their preferred roles to be spawned in as when the round starts as well as when MTF or Chaos Insurgency spawns. Players can rank all 14 of the spawnable roles from 1-14 using a console command.

Donor Tag:

  • Allowed for server donors to be given roles/tags in-game.

Friendly Fire AutoBan:

  • Banned users for a certain amount of time after a specifed amount of TK's.

Ghost Spectator:

  • Allowed for users to become non-colliding invisible ghosts in order for them to continue watching the game from their perspective.

Later Join:

  • Users who joined shortly after the game started made Class-D instead of Spectators.

Lone SCP-079:

  • When SCP-079 is the last SCP alive he is turned into a random SCP with half health instead of being automatically terminated.

Patreon Plugin:

  • Allowed for Patreons to be listed.


  • Allowed for Discord integration between SCP: Secret Laboratory servers and Discord servers.

Serpents Hand:

  • A plugin that adds a new class to your server named "Serpent's Hand". This class works with the SCPs to eliminate all other beings. They have a chance to spawn instead of a squad of Chaos Insurgency.


  • Users are given a keycard and a set amount of time to escape the facility.
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