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SCP: Secret Laboratory: Intro

SCP: Secret Laboratory is the re-make of the popular gamemode on Garry's Mod, called SCP: Breach (or Breach for short). The current version of the game is:

Open Beta v8.0.0

Check the changelog if you are interested in more details!

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Due to SCP: Secret Laboratory being created in Unity, and not Garry's Mod, there is room for considerable major technological advances to be made. For instance, the game already possesses a facility-wide announcement system, a loot system in place for filing cabinets, and so on! You can find all of the relevant information to this game in this Wiki. Interested? Download the game!

SCP: Secret Laboratory: About

SCP: Secret Laboratory is a game that loosely revolves around five factions – all with a different agenda. For example, Class-Ds must escape from the facility whereas SCPs have a free hand in preventing that as they are able to go on massive killing sprees with their unique abilities. All the while, the Mobile Task Force or Nine Tailed Fox – the MTF or NTF – must maintain order in the facility as they neutralize the meandering Class-Ds and save Scientists. Finally, the Chaos Insurgency – the CI – is there to wreck the facility as a counter to the MTF/NTF and Scientist classes. It's a fast-paced game with lots of action and very little boring moments.

About This Wiki

This Wiki was founded after noticing the absence of official information centered in one place in English. Together with Magnusson, I have founded this Wiki with all of the knowledge we have of the SCP Universe and what actually goes on in the game.

While we do this for free, we highly appreciate any kind of contribution people want to make, be it monetary or contributions in the form of writing and helping us save some time! If you're interested, our general contact e-mail is below.

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