"A bottle of cola, the contents of which offer radically increased motor functioning, for the mere cost of a completely devastated metabolism. You must ask yourself the question: Is momentary salvation worth the torturous death sure to follow?

-Steam Store Page"

"Harmfully increases motor skills.

-Item Description"

SCP-207 is one of the SCPs in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which can be used to boost the consumer's speed at the cost of draining their health.

Official SCP Wiki Information

"SCP-207 refers to a crate containing 24 Coca-Cola brand cola drinks. The bottles are designated SCP-207-A to -X. SCP-207-B is currently the active bottle for testing, and no other bottles are to be opened without authorisation from two Level 4 researchers. All bottles have been clearly labeled to aid identification. The liquid held inside these has been confirmed to be identical across all of SCP-207, and should not be ingested outside of supervised testing. The liquid has been classified as SCP-207-1 and is to be treated as a Class 2 chemical hazard. SCP-207-1 does not appear to alter with age; however, the active testing bottle should have its protective cover kept on outside of removing liquid for testing."


SCP-207 is a consumable item that boosts the consumer's speed, grants them infinite stamina, and heals 30 HP; the only downside of it is that it drains the consumer's health slowly. SCP-207's speed boost and health drain can stack up to 4 bottles total. The effects of stacking SCP-207 can be seen below:

SCP-207 x1 SCP-207 x2 SCP-207 x3 SCP-207 x4
Movement Speed Health Drain Speed Health Drain Speed Health Drain Speed Health Drain
Sprinting 8.82 m/s 1 HP/s 10.14 m/s 1.5 HP/s 11.03 m/s 2.5 HP/s 11.47m/s 4 HP/s
Walking 6.48 m/s 0.4 HP/s 7.45 m/s 0.6 HP/s 8.1 m/s 1 HP/s 8.42 m/s 1.6 HP/s
Sneaking 0.24 m/s 0.15 HP/s 0.28 m/s 0.23 HP/s 0.3 m/s 0.38 HP/s 0.31 m/s 0.6 HP/s
Standing 0 m/s 0.1 HP/s 0 m/s 0.15 HP/s 0 m/s 0.25 HP/s 0 m/s 0.4 HP/s

Adrenaline, Painkillers and Medkits can be used to heal the player's health without canceling the effect. The only way to cancel the speed boost and health drain effect is to consume an SCP-500 pill, which will instantaneously cancel the whole effect.

Multiple instances of SCP-207 can spawn in one of the four to eight locked pedestals (Bulletproof Locker №7), which are located in 10 possible places across the Light Containment Zone and Heavy Containment Zone. These pedestals can only be opened and closed by keycards with both containment access level 2 and checkpoint privileges, such as the Research Supervisor, MTF Cadet or higher access keycards.

SCP-207 can be made in SCP-914 by putting a Flashbang Grenade in at "Very Fine"


Related Achievements

  • Property of the Chaos Insurgency: Liberate two or more SCP objects from the facility while escaping as a Class-D.
  • High on the Wings of Caffeine: Escape while under the effects of SCP-207.


  • SCP-207 in the official SCP wiki is the designation for the crate that contains the bottles, which are designated SCP-207-A to -X, whereas in Secret Lab, SCP-207 is the designation given to the bottle.
  • The official SCP wiki description says SCP-207 is a Coca-Cola brand drink, while SCP-207 in Secret Lab is made by the Conta-Cola company, likely due to copyright reasons.
  • SCP-207's texture states that it is "BEST BEFORE 9 12 18", or September 12, 2018 (for a DD/MM/YY date formation) or December 9, 2018 (for a MM/DD/YY date formation).
  • It is one of the four SCP items that were added in the Megapatch II update.
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