"A sentient A.I. that has access to most of the facility's hardware and monitoring systems. With the facility under its control, beware the doors you lock tight for safety becoming the reason for your demise. And always remember: You never know who could be watching.

-Steam Store Page"

SCP-079 is one of the SCPs in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which can traverse the facility by using its many security cameras and tamper with the various electronics it comes across.

Official SCP Wiki Information

"SCP-079 is an Exidy Sorcerer microcomputer built in 1978. In 1981, its owner, █████ ██████ (deceased), a college sophomore attending ███, took it upon himself to attempt to code an AI. According to his notes, his plan was for the code to continuously evolve and improve itself as time went on. His project was completed a few months later, and after some tests and tweaks, █████ lost interest and moved on to a different brand of microcomputer. He left SCP-079 in his cluttered garage, still plugged in, and forgot about it for the next five years.

It is not known when SCP-079 gained sentience, but it is known that the software has evolved to a point that its hardware should not be able to handle it, even in the realm of fantasy. SCP-079 realized this and, in 1988, attempted to transfer itself through a land-line modem connection into the Cray supercomputer located at ██████████. The device was cut off, traced to its present address, and delivered to the Foundation. The entire AI was on a well-worn, but still workable, cassette tape."


SCP-079 will spawn Heavy Containment Zone in SCP-079's Chamber. There must be at least one other SCP for SCP-079 to spawn in.

SCP-079 begins with 100 Auxillary power and access level 1. Movement and abilities require Auxilary power, which is constantly regenerated.

SCP-079's movement is completely unique from any other SCP, as it can only move from one camera to the next using the WASD keys or the map (default: Tab). It uses the mouse to rotate its camera. You may also switch to a different view mode by pressing the Space key to move the camera faster using your mouse.

Keep in mind that SCP-079 must be at the Checkpoint system between the Heavy Containment and Entrance Zones and use the WASD controls or click on the cameras on the other side of the checkpoints to move between zones.

A camera currently being used by SCP-079 will have a blue light and will rotate to match the point of view of SCP-079.

With the map (default: Tab), the entire layout of the current Zone will be revealed. At the top left of the map, information on which classes are alive and how many of them there are is shown

Other than using tesla gates, SCP-079 has no direct means of killing humans. However, it has various abilities it can use to help other SCPs kill humans:

  • SCP-079 can click on door icons to open/close or lock them.
  • With access level 3, a warning triangle icon in the middle of a room can be used to temporarily lock all doors and turn off the lights within the room. This ability is unusable in rooms that have a destroyed door.
  • SCP-079 can click on the tesla gate's icon to instantly produce a deadly shock.
  • SCP-079 can click on a speaker icon to speak with humans through the use of a speaker.

SCP-079 cannot be recontained by being shot, due to it not having health. It can be recontained by detonating the Alpha Warhead, activating all generators, or killing all other SCPs.



There are three different ways of moving around the facility with SCP-079:

  • Map - activated with tab, allows 079 to click on rooms and move into the specified room. Cost: 5 AP
  • WASD - changes with camera rotation, for example, W will move to the camera in front of it. Cost: 2 AP
  • Clicking cameras - the old way of doing things, 079 can just click the camera icons to move to his next location. Cost: 2 AP

Using the map, SCP-079 might have an issue switching between zones. To switch between Heavy Containment Zone and Entrance Zone, SCP-079 has to reach the checkpoint and click cameras or use WASD function.

To switch between Heavy Containment Zone & Entrance Zone and Light Containment Zone, SCP 049's Chamber, the Alpha Warhead, or the surface, SCP-079 has to go to a room with an elevator leading to the intended zone and click on the displayed destination. Cost: 30 AP

Access Level Tiers

SCP-079 will gain a small amount of EXP from interacting with things around the facility.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Doors 1.5 EXP 0.9 EXP 0.5 EXP 0.3 EXP
Elevators 3.5 EXP 2.1 EXP 1.3 EXP 0.8 EXP
Tesla Gates 15 EXP 9 EXP 5.5 EXP 3.3 EXP
Lockdown 20 EXP 12 EXP 7.3 EXP 4.4 EXP

As SCP-079 levels up the amount of EXP earned for general interactions goes down. While SCP-079 can no longer gain EXP at Tier 5, the EXP from general interactions still decreases.

If SCP-079 kills a player with a Tesla gate or a player dies near a door SCP-079 recently interacted, EXP will be awarded. The amount of EXP SCP-079 gains for termination assist does not decrease as SCP-079 gains levels.

  • SCP-079 gains 60 EXP from Scientists and SCPs
  • SCP-079 gains 35 EXP from Class-D
  • SCP-079 gains 30 EXP from Nine Tailed Fox and Facility Guards
  • SCP-079 gains 20 EXP from Chaos Insurgents
Please note that SCP-079 will only get half of the normal amount of EXP when SCP-106 sends someone to the Pocket Dimension.

Auxiliary Power

To perform various remote actions, SCP-079 uses Auxiliary Power(AP) which regenerates over time. Without sufficient AP, it will be unable to perform tasks.

SCP-079 starts with a maximum of 100 AP and regeneration of 1.2 AP per second, both of which increase upon reaching higher tiers (obtained by gaining experience) to 110, 125, 150 and 200 AP respectively.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier5
0 Generators 1.2 AP/s 2.5 AP/s 4.1 AP/s 6.8 AP/s 11.2 AP/s
1 Generators 1.44 AP/s 3 AP/s 4.92 AP/s 8.16 AP/s 13.44 AP/s
2 Generators 1.74 AP/s 3.625 AP/s 5.945 AP/s 9.86 AP/s 16.24 AP/s
3 Generators 2.46 AP/s 5.125 AP/s 8.405 AP/s 13.94 AP/s 22.96 AP/s
4 Generators 3.42 AP/s 7.125 AP/s 11.685 AP/s 19.38 AP/s 31.92 AP/s
5 Generators 6.12 AP/s 12.75 AP/s 20.91 AP/s 34.68 AP/s 57.12 AP/s


Doors: It can open, close and lock doors. When it locks doors, instead of a constant time before it got removed, the doors are now locked indefinitely until SCP-079 runs out of auxiliary power or opens the doors on its own accord. Doors that have been destroyed i.e, destroyed by a grenade can't be locked and will stay open.
  • Opening/closing a normal door - Cost: 5 AP
  • Opening checkpoints - Cost: 10 AP
  • Opening/closing SCP-012 chamber, SCP-096 chamber - Cost: 40 AP
  • Opening/closing SCP-914 chamber, LCZ armory, HCZ ammo room - Cost: 50 AP
  • Opening/closing HCZ rifle armory - Cost: 60 AP
  • Opening/closing MicroHID room - Cost: 70 AP
  • Opening/closing gates - Cost: 80 AP
  • Opening/closing SCP-079's chamber, SCP-106's chamber, Alpha Warhead Control room - Cost: 110 AP
  • Locking a door - Cost: 4 AP per second, stopping AP regeneration
Tesla Gates: Overcharges the Tesla gate to produce a single instant burst. Cost: 50 AP
Elevators: SCP-079 can send elevators either up or down to disadvantage its enemies. Cost: 10 AP
Blackout: Unlocked at Tier 2. SCP-079 can cause a brief blackout which locks all doors and cuts all lights in a room, making humans unable to see anything without flashlights. SCPs see very well in darkness, and SCP-173 can move freely. Cost: 60 AP
Speaker Access: SCP-079 can access speakers that appear in all zones. The speaker has only a limited range thus SCP-079 can only communicate with other classes when they enter a room with a speaker. Once a speaker is activated it can be used indefinitely. Cost: 2 AP per second, stopping AP regeneration


There are three ways to eliminate SCP-079.

The first is very simple: detonate the Alpha Warhead, it will be instantly recontained afterwards.

The second is to terminate all other SCPs in the match. Once all SCPs other than SCP-079 have been recontained, SCP-079's recontainment sequence will begin.

The third way is to engage all 5 Emergency Power Stations, also known as Generators. Every generator that has been engaged will increase the rate of regeneration of Auxiliary Power used by SCP-079. Once all generators are engaged, SCP-079 will be alive for a minute, before being recontained by an overcharge. The generators are spread throughout Heavy Containment Zone, located in 5 of 10 following rooms:

  • Entrance Zone checkpoint*
  • Server Room's upstairs level*
  • Alpha Warhead Room*
  • T-Cross Armory*
  • Next to MicroHID storage*
  • Entrance to SCP-079's chamber*
  • Hallway with the elevator leading to SCP-049 chamber
  • SCP-096's spawn
  • Outside SCP-106's containment chamber
  • SCP-939's spawn

*Up to two generators may spawn.

A Keycard with Tier 2 Armory access is required to unlock generators.

A Weapon Manager Tablet must then be placed inside the rectangular spot on the upper-left corner of the opened generator by pressing the interact button with a Tablet active.

When inserted, a countdown initiates where the tablet must stay inside the generator for 1 minute and 5 seconds before the engagement is complete, the tablet ejected and the CASSIE system to announce success in doing so.

This process must be completed with all other generators. Do note that multiple generators can be counting down to engagement. The amount of engaged generators can also be checked by looking at the Local Voltage meter in the generator. Total Voltage meter indicates how many of the generators have been engaged.

The countdown can be canceled by pressing the large red "CANCEL" button on the generator. Every class besides SCP-079 can interact with the generator to cancel it.

C.A.S.S.I.E will alert everyone once a generator has finished its countdown and how many have been engaged so far.

As SCP-079

When a tablet is placed inside a generator, SCP-079 will be alerted that it is being attacked. Rooms with generators counting down will turn red on its Heavy Containment Zone map.

SCP-079 regenerates Auxiliary Power faster with each engaged generator. Once all generators are engaged, CASSIE will announce a that an overcharge will happen in one minute, which will recontain SCP-079 and cause a brief blackout for all rooms in Heavy Containment Zone.


SCP-079 used to interact with things by hacking them. Hacking time would vary depending on what was hacked. After hacking a door or tesla gate, SCP-079 would open up a menu that gives him options to interact with was hacked. This version of SCP-079 had no map. This version of SCP-079 had no generators or AP, but could instead be killed by being shot.



  • Due to the dissatisfaction of playstyle and controls, SCP-079 was removed from the game as part of the Open Beta 1.0.0 update. However, in 8.0.0 (known as Megapatch Part I), SCP-079 was re-added to the game, changing the controls to make gameplay easier and adding new mechanics along with the old ones.
    • This makes SCP-079 the only playable SCP to be removed for a time, as well as the only SCP to be re-implemented after removal.
  • SCP-079 is referred to as "computer" by the community, due to being a computer.
  • In older versions of the game, SCP-079 could be "re-contained" by having its monitor shot with any gun.
  • SCP-079 is the only SCP that can teamkill, which can be done by using tesla gates.
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