Respawn Tickets are a mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which determines and limits the amount of Chaos Insurgency or MTF that can respawn.


Both Nine Tailed Fox and Chaos start the game with a base amount of Respawn Tickets. By default, MTF start with 24 Respawn Tickets and the Chaos Insurgency starts with 14 Respawn Tickets.

The ratio of tickets directly affect the CI spawn chance.

MTF and CI can gain tickets by completing certain objectives throughout the round.

MTF can gain tickets by:

  • Escorting a disarmed Class-D to escape area; gives 1 ticket by default.
  • Scientist reaching the Surface Zone and escaping; gives 1 ticket by default.
  • Nine Tailed Fox or Facility Guards deal 25% of damage to SCPs; gives 1 ticket by default.

CI can gain tickets by:

  • Class-D reaching the Surface Zone and escaping; gives 1 ticket by default.
  • Escorting a disarmed Scientist to escape area; gives 2 tickets by default.
  • Chaos or Class-D killing a Scientist; gives 1 ticket by default.
  • Class-D or Chaos using an SCP item; gives 2 tickets by default per SCP item.

Server owners can change how many tickets teams are given upon completing an objective.

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