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The Remote Admin Panel is a tool for server owners, admins and moderators to administrate the server. You open it by using the M key on your keyboard. Can also utilize a Text Based Remote Admin version for custom commands.

The password is set in the configuration file under admin_password. That password is then used to activate this panel. If a player puts in a wrong password 3 times, they will be kicked from the server.

It is highly recommended to check the official wiki for information on the admin panel due to it being more frequently updated:


Welcome Page

Explains how the menu is used.

Player Info

The Player Info tab has 3 buttons (as of version 2.0.2), these being; Request, Request IP and Request Auth.

Usage Select a player from the left column labeled "Players". Press one of the 3 request buttons listed below. Request

The request button allows the user to view the following:

Name Player ID SteamID64 Server role Any hidden roles (if authorised) Active flags Class (if authorised) HP Request IP

Similar to "request", but includes IP address used by the player to connect to the server. This can be used to find people using alternative accounts to bypass bans.

Request Auth

Shows the players authentication token along with a QR code.

Admin commands and tools

Admin tools allow moderators and administrators of servers to easily perform tasks without typing out commands.

Oban / OFFLIHEBAN Bans a user that is offline Command line: <OBAN> <Players IP>

UNBAN Unbans a currently banned user. Command line: <UNBAN> <IP>

Kick/Ban A simple page to allow players to ban or kick people for up to 50 years.

Usage Select a player from the left column labeled "Players". Select the desired amount of time to remove them from the game for. Click "Request". Types of Admin Tool Overwatch

When a player is set as "overwatch" they cannot respawn via command or respawn wave. This is usefull when watching over someone expected of breaking rules. God Mode

When a player is put into "god mode" they cannot die. Bypass Mode

A player that has "bypass" can open or use any item without the need of a keycard. This also allows infinite use of the intercom system. Teleportation

Allows moderators and administrators to teleport other players to where they are needed. There are two types of teleport listed below. Bring - brings the player selected to the person using the command. Go to - Takes the person using the command to the player selected. Misc

The "misc" category has 2 commands that don't fit into any of the other areas. These commands are listed below. Heal - heals the player selected to default health. Lockdown - locks all doors on the map. Usage Select a player from the left column labeled "Players".

Select one of the admin tools listed.

Text-Based Remote Admin

A text-based version of the Remote Admin can be accessed by click the button at the bottom of the screen.

HELLO Checks if Remote Admin is responding. When everything is working, RA should return a “Hello World!” string. HELP Refers to this command list. REQUEST_DATA Downloads data specified in the second parameter. List of available parameters: REQUEST_DATA PLAYER_LIST (returns a list of connected players with their IDs), REQUEST_DATA PLAYER PlayerID (prints all informations about player with the specified PlayerID). REQUEST_DATA AUTH PlayerID (prints authentication token of the user, should be kept secret) BAN Bans player(s) for a specified time

Command syntax: BAN PlayerID1.PlayerID2.PlayerID3 (...) TimeInMinutes Example of use: BAN 2.6 60 (bans players with id 2 and 6 for 1 hour)

FORCECLASS Changes player(s) class. Command syntax: FORCECLASSS PlayerID1.PlayerID2.PlayerID3 (...) ClassID Example of use: FORCECLASS 5.7 1 (changes the class of players with id 5 and 7 to Class of id 1 [Class D])

GIVE Gives player(s) a specified item. Command syntax: GIVE PlayerID1.PlayerID2.PlayerID3 (...) ItemID Example of use: GIVE 2.6 11 (gives players with id 2 and 6 O5 Keycard[id:11])

LOGOUT Closes the Remote Admin and removes the user's [BADGE].


  • This command can be used by people without Remote Admin Access

Hides your badge (local or global), but you can still access the Remote Admin. SHOWTAG

  • This command can be used by people without Remote Admin Access

Shows your local badge. GLOBALTAG

  • This command can be used by people without Remote Admin Access

Shows your global badge. OVERWATCH

  • This command can be used by people without Remote Admin Access

Alias: OVR In game console: OVERWATCH - enables or disables overwatch mode for the player In server console: OVERWATCH PlayerID - enables or disables overwatch mode for selected players In both cases, the paramters 0/1, disable/enable, off/on can be appended to the the end of the command to specify the requested status instead of toggling it. BYPASS Enables/disables bypass mode for player(s) Command syntax: BYPASS PlayerID1.PlayerID2.PlayerID3 (...) Example of use: BYPASS 5.7 The parameters 0/1, disable/enable, off/on can be appended to the end of the command to specify the requested status instead of toggling it. GOD Enables/disables god mode for player(s) Command syntax: GOD PlayerID1.PlayerID2.PlayerID3 (...) Example of use: GOD 5.7 The parameters 0/1, disable/enable, off/on can be appended to the end of the command to specify the requested status instead of toggling it.

OPEN/CLOSE/LOCK/UNLOCK/DESTROY Aliases: o / c / l / ul / d Changes door status. Command syntax: Command DoorName Example of use: OPEN LCZ_ARMORY

SETGROUP Sets player’s group temporarily (until disconnection from server). Command syntax: SETGROUP PlayerID RoleName Example of use: SETGROUP 1.2 admin HEAL Heal player(s) Command syntax: HEAL PlayerID1.PlayerID2.PlayerID3 (...) Example of use: HEAL 5.7

HP Set player(s) HP Command syntax: HP PlayerID1.PlayerID2.PlayerID3 (...) HpAmount Example of use: HP 5.7 150

PM Permissions manager main command

SERVER_EVENT Starts a specific server event. List of them here: SERVER_EVENT FORCE_CI_RESPAWN (forces CI respawn) SERVER_EVENT FORCE_MTF_RESPAWN (forces MTF respawn) SERVER_EVENT DETONATION_START (starts the detonation, even if warhead is disabled) SERVER_EVENT DETONATION_CANCEL (cancels the detonation) SERVER_EVENT DETONATION_INSTANT (detonates the warhead immediately, DO NOT ABUSE!) SERVER_EVENT TERMINATE_UNCONN (kicks all unconnected (connecting) players)

SERVER_EVENT ROUND_RESTART (restarts the round)


The forceclass page allows a user to change the class of someone mid game. When a players class is set, they will be sent to the spawn of the class they became.

Usage Select a player from the left column labeled "Players". Select one of the class labels.

Click "Set Class"

Give Item

The Give Item page allows user to give themselves or another player any item or weapon.

Usage Select a player from the left column labeled "Players". Select an item or weapon.

Click "Request".

Doors Management

Allows the ability to control most doors in the facility remotely and teleport players to them.

Usage: General Select a door from the grid. Click one of the 5 basic options. Usage: Teleporting Select a player from the left column labeled "Players". Select a door from the grid.

Click "teleport".

Overwatch Mode

If switched on for a user, they will not respawn at the beginning of the round or in any consequent wave spawns that may occur mid-round. This is used by moderators and admins who would rather spectate the game and moderate the server from a bird's eye view rather than playing the round.

God Mode

Prevents damaging the player, When selected to a chosen player. The player himself/herself are immune to all sorts of damage such as tesla, nuke, decontamination gas, falling, crashing from structure. However it does have disadvantages. The player cannot sacrifice himself/herself in SCP-106 for the re-containment via Femur Breaker method. However if there is a player who is playing 106 and has God Mode. It would result 106 be stuck on the ground for minutes till it rises up again. Sometimes a player would sometimes die by Anti-Cheat due to testing bugs or glitches.

Bypass Mode

Allows opening protected doors without requiring a keycard even when the doors are on lockdown and bypasses intercom limits. It can also be used to unlock one of SCP-079's five generators. Only one setback. It cannot unlock the Alpha Warhead Control Panel in the Surface Zone. It requires a Facility Manager, Containment Engineer or an O5 to unlock it instead.


This tool allows the admin to teleport players to their location or the admin teleport to theirs. A simple yet effective tool for spotting hackers with ease or make it fun for the players in the game. However this would be abused by some admins if not used correctly. Recommend use it for patrolling the server.

Players Management

As of version 8.0.1 the Player Management category only consists of muting and unmuting players in general or over the intercom (icom-mute).

Usage: Muting Select a player from the left column labeled "Players". Select either "mute" or "icom-mute". Usage: Unmuting Select a player from the left column labeled "Players".

Select either "unmute" or "icom-unmute".

Server Events

Alows players to force certain game events.

Event Types Respawn MTF - Triggers the respawn event for the NTF causing them to instantly spawn. Note: they will spawn before the helicopter arrives.

Respawn CI - Triggers the respawn event for the chaos insurgency causing them to instantly spawn. Note: they will spawn before the transport vehicle.

Restart Round - Forces the current round to end and create a new round. Note: will not show a game end screen, just instantly restart.

Start Round - Forces the current round to start instantly if in the "waiting for players" section.

Kick Unconn. - Kicks any players that are connecting, or, stuck in loading errors.

Warhead-Start - Forces the alpha warhead to start. Note: this does not required the warhead be on.

Warhead-Stop - Forces the alpha warhead to stop just like pressing the cancel button.

Detonate - Starts the alpha warhead from 10 seconds, meaning it cannot be stopped.

Icom-Timeout - Forces the intercom system to stop if a player is using it.

Icom-Reset - Instantly resets the cooldown on the intercom system after it has been used.


Click one of the server events, no player selection needed.


NOTE: ONLY ACCESSIBLE BY USING TEXT-BASED ADMIN. This tool lets you send custom messages over the C.A.S.S.I.E. system. Simply type the following: cassie inserttexthere

Misc Tools

There are two misc tools for the admins to use. The Heal tool is used to heal the selected player by the admin's decision, Perfect for Players who would receive friendly fire or accidental fall damage to evade enemies, or for those who doesn't have a medkit and is in a dire situation to find one. The other tool is Lockdown Mode which states in it's name, It locks all of the doors, checkpoints and gates. None can't get out. This would be problematic though due to the fact that once the detonation of the Alpha Warhead commence. The doors will be still on lockdown, causing a total nightmare of terror if the Admin doesn't use this correctly or either the Admin is abusive and has interest in trolling. It would be a problem.


The admin panel can be used for the following purposes:

  • Finding player info for a player. (ie. class, steam64id, etc)
  • Kicking/banning a player and managing the ban duration
  • Assigning a new class to a player
  • Player Managing such as muting or unmuting
  • Turning Overwatch Mode on and off
  • Turning God Mode on and off
  • Bypass both Protected Doors with requiring a keycard (including lockdown) and intercom limits.
  • Door Management such as unlocking, locking, destroying, teleporting, etc
  • Running Server Events
  • Manging Server Configs
  • Teleporting to the location of any player or teleport them to the Admin's location
  • Giving players the requested items

Note: The set permissions for the server must allow you to use each feature, and may vary between servers.


Windows 10

Follow the procedures to unlock the Admin Panel in Windows 10 if you wanna override the password via Remote Admin.

1.) Go to your taskbar and search %appdata%.

2.) Search the game. It would mostly appear as this. C:\Users\OS\AppData\Roaming\SCP Secret Laboratory.

3.) Go to config_remoteadmin and scroll down to the last paragraph.

4.) Once you reached the last paragraph, You would see this.

#Set to "none" in order to disable password.


#SETUP STEAMID AUTHENTICATION INSTEAD (of the top of this config file)!

override_password: none

override_password_role: owner

5.) Change the override password from none to your personal password you wish.

6.) Save the file and run the game.

7.) Go to your server and press M to open the Admin Panel

8.) Once you open it. Type your personal password that you used in override_password.

9.) Once all is done. Confirm it and It would most likely pop out like the second picture above

10.) If You are new to the Admin Panel and have no knowledge on how to use it. Recommend watching Youtube Videos such as these. , Good Luck.


There would be likely a chance that if you override the password. Sometimes you can see the Remote Admin's Player List from the left side empty if you run a local server. It is currently a bug that Hubert is working on. Recommend using your SteamID64 instead if you don't want bugs to cause havoc on your server. To do this.

1.) Go to C:\Users\OS\AppData\Roaming\SCP Secret Laboratory. and go to the config_remoteadmin file.

2.) From the first paragraph you would see this:

#Let's assign roles (you can modify them and create custom roles below)


- owner43@steam: owner

- admin34@steam: admin

- admin234@steam: admin

3.) Change it to this #Let's assign roles (you can modify them and create custom roles below)


- 71239483182375621 (SteamID64): owner (If you're the owner of the server)

- SomeOtherSteamId64: admin

- AnotherSteamId64: admin

SteamID64 must contain 17 digits in order to prevent bugs from happening.


  • As of Open Beta 0.4.1, the Admin Panel has undergone changes. Server administrators now have the option to easily monitor players, kick, ban, and force class. Using MultiAdmin, the Admin Panel has a "friendly UI and is user-oriented."
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