"SR = Short Range
MR = Medium Range
LR = Long Range
UR = Ultra Range
Uses battery while on.
Longer range means higher battery use.

-Item Description"

The Radio is a item in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which is used as a means of communication over longer distances. Currently, only MTF and Facility Guards spawn with Radios.


Notice: The Radio and in-game voice chat uses the microphone set as the default microphone.

You can transmit with radios using the V key. You will automatically receive transmissions.

You can communicate to all classes that have radios on a frequency in-range. Although only the MTF spawns with radios so it is unlikely that the MTF are talking to a hostile. This means it is possible to lure hostiles to trap them. 

The radio comes with 4 ranges, different ranges allow you to communicate with different zones.


  • SR (Short Range): Short Range will transmit up to 130m in range on the same elevation level you're on.
  • MR (Medium Range): Medium Range will transmit up to 175m in range on the same elevation level you're on.
  • LR (Long Range): Long Range will transmit at any range on the same elevation level you're on.
  • UR (Ultra Range): Ultra Range will transmit at any range on all elevation levels.

To change the range you first must turn the Radio on with (Right Click) then press (Left Click) to get to your desired range.

The Radio only has a limited battery life, and the higher range, the more power it takes up. UR takes away 1% of power every second, for instance.

You can replenish a Radio's battery by putting it into SCP-914's input booth and running it on either the "Fine" or "Very Fine" setting. The latter has a chance of destroying it.

As of Megapatch II, you cannot hold more than 1 radio in your inventory anymore.



  • Despite using a newer model, the inventory image for the Radio still shows the older model.
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