The Pocket Dimension is a location in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which servers as the location that players are teleported to upon being attacked by SCP-106.


When a player is successfully attacked by SCP-106, they are sent to the Pocket Dimension.

While in the Pocket Dimension, players are unable to sprint and will begin to corrode, which will slowly damage the player. If the player stays inside the Pocket Dimension, the damage taken by corrosion will begin to increase.

The Pocket Dimension has eight hallways, six of them will instantly kill the player, while two of them will send the player to SCP-106's containment chamber in Heavy Containment Zone.

Once the Alpha Warhead explodes, players killed by SCP-106 will not be sent to the Pocket Dimension and will instantly be killed instead.

Servers can change the number of hallway exits and randomize which hallways are the exit, which change every time someone escapes.


Related Achievements

  • Larry is your friend!: Successfully escape from the Pocket Dimension.
  • Newb: Die inside the Pocket Dimension.


  • The current Pocket Dimension appears to have similar textures to the one from SCP:Containment Breach.
  • While in the Pocket Dimension, the sounds of player's footsteps will be changed into those of SCP-106's.
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