"The first MTF units to respond to the emergency. Your mission: To extract valuable Foundation personnel and to, with the utmost vehemence, eliminate or re-contain any SCPs that have escaped.

-Steam Store Page"

MTF are one of the five human classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory. They spawn in waves throughout the round. The MTF are tasked with rescuing Scientists, killing all Class-D, Chaos Insurgency and re-containing all SCPs. They cooperate with Facility Guards

Official SCP Wiki Information

"Mobile Task Forces (MTFs) are elite units comprised of personnel drawn from across the Foundation and are mobilized to deal with specific threats or situations that sometimes exceed the operational capacity or expertise of regular field personnel and — as their name suggests — may be relocated between facilities or locations as they are needed. Mobile Task Force personnel represent the "best of the best" of the Foundation."


The Mobile Task Force operatives, also called MTF, NTF (Nine Tailed Fox) or Epsilon-11, spawn in waves throughout the round. They can be identified by their blue uniforms and face masks.

MTF spawns arrive by helicopter and are located at the surface around Gate B. Upon spawning, C.A.S.S.I.E. will announce that MTF have arrived, followed by a random squad designation and the amount of SCPs that are alive. 

Their goals are to rescue Scientists, re-contain the SCPs, and kill all Class D and Chaos Insurgents. A MTF victory can only won when they are the last standing faction alongside Scientists and Facility Guards.

MTF Scientists spawn when a Scientist escapes. MTF Cadets can spawn when Disarmed Class D escape.

MTF are randomly given a rank upon spawning and have varying health levels based on their rank (shown below). Ranks given are scaled to the amount of people joining. A squad of three people will only have a Commander and two Lieutenants, whereas a team of over ten people may have at least three Cadets.

The current command structure and spawn loadout can be seen below:

MTF Commander


MTF Scientist


  • Gives orders to MTF Lieutenants, MTF Cadets, and Facility Guards.
  • Epsilon-11 SR, MTF Lieutenant Keycard, Medkit, Fragmentation Grenade, Radio, and Weapon Manager.
  • Reserve Ammo
    • 9 MM - 20 (COM15 & Project 90) 
    • 7.62 MM - 20 (MP7 & Logicer) 
    • 5.56 MM - 120 (Epsilon-11 SR) 

MTF Lieutenant


  • Gives orders to MTF Cadets and Facility Guards.
  • Epsilon-11 SR, MTF Lieutenant Keycard, Fragmentation Grenade, Radio, Disarmer, and Weapon Manager.
  • Reserve Ammo
    • 9 MM - 50 (COM15 & Project 90) 
    • 7.62 MM - 0 (MP7 & Logicer) 
    • 5.56 MM - 80 (Epsilon-11 SR) 

MTF Cadet


  • Gives orders to Facility Guards
  • P90, Senior Guard Keycard, Medkit, Radio, Disarmer, and Weapon Manager.
  • Reserve Ammo
    • 9 MM - 100 (COM15 & Project 90) 
    • 7.62 MM - 0 (MP7 & Logicer) 
    • 5.56 MM - 40 (Epsilon-11 SR)


Related Achievements

  • They are just resources...: Kill 50 D-Class's as an MTF or a Scientist.
  • Gear up, Boys!: Respawn as Nine-Tailed Fox.
  • The Tables Have Turned!: Disarm a MTF operative.


  • The MTF Commander has the highest health of all human characters.
  • During the old versions of the game, the MTF had their own theme but it was later replaced by the CASSIE announcer.
  • During the Halloween Event, they had been renamed to "Ghost Busters". The "Spooky Scary Skeleton Song" was also added to the announcement before giving the regular speech.
  • MTF Commanders (only Commanders) can disarm their subordinates (i.e., Cadets), and you can also get a Steam achievement for doing so.
  • Currently Facility Guards and MTF share the same profile image.
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