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The Fragmentation Grenade is a throwable explosive device in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which will burn, deafen, and deal damage to nearby players.


Fragmentation Grenades can be thrown a long distance by pressing Left Click, or can be thrown a short distance by pressing Right Click. Unlike other games, the Fragmentation Grenade cannot be held while its fuse shortens.

The Fragmentation Grenade takes 5 seconds to explode, beeping and flashing faster as it nears detonation.

The closer a target is to the grenade blast, the more damage they will take. Players that survive the blast will be inflicted with the burned and concussed status effects, with duration scaling with range; at point-blank, these effects are applied for 10 seconds. Targets behind cover like walls and doors will not take any damage.

The grenade can also destroy most doors, bar the following:

  • Fake doors, like those in the Entrance Zone.
  • Large blast gates such as SCP-914's containment gate.
  • Elevator doors.
  • Checkpoint doors.
  • The Alpha Warhead Control in the Surface Zone.

The Frag Grenade can also push other items that are near its blast. An explosion can also set off other grenades.

Fragmentation Grenades can be found in the Light Containment Zone armory, Weapon Locker Type 21 in the Heavy Containment Zone armories and in the inventories of MTF Lieutenants and Commanders.

Fragmentation Grenades can be created SCP-914, by placing a Flash Grenade on the 'Fine' setting.


Related Achievements

  • Look! I'm a Rocket!: Kill yourself with a grenade.


  • The Fragmentation Grenade replaced the Positronic Grenade in the 6.0.0 Update.
  • Fragmentation Grenades 30% less damage to humans than they do to SCPs.
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