"Blinds your enemies.

-Item Description"

The Flash Grenade is a throwable explosive device in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which flashes and deafens players in its flash radius.


Flash Grenades can be thrown a long distance by pressing Left Click, or can be thrown a short distance by pressing Right Click.

Once thrown, it takes 3 seconds before the Flash Grenade goes off. When activated, any humans or SCPs (excluding SCP-079) in the blast radius will be flashed and deafened for up to 5 seconds. The effect is less pronounced depending on the proximity a has to the blast, or if they face away from the blast.

Flash Grenades can be found on Facility Guards, inside the Light Containment Zone armory, and in Weapon Locker Type 21.

Flash Grenades can also be created using SCP-914 by putting a Fragmentation Grenade on "coarse" or "1:1".


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