"Heals your injuries.

-Item Description"

The First Aid Kit is an item in SCP: Secret Laboratory which can be used to heal the player if they have taken any damage.


When held, the First Aid Kit can be used by left clicking. Right clicking before roughly 3/4 of the "use bar" is filled will stop the user from using the First Aid Kit.

Upon use, the First Aid Kit will take 4 seconds to administer before healing the user a total of 65 HP. It will also cure the bleeding and burned status effects.


Chaos Insurgency, Facility Guard, Scientist, and Mobile Task Force personnel will spawn in with First Aid Kits.

First Aid Kits can be found in Wall-Mounted MedkitsStandard Lockers, and Weapon Locker Type 21.

The First Aid Kit can be made in SCP-914 by putting Painkillers in SCP-914 on "Fine".

Legacy Information

Prior to Megapatch II, the First Aid Kit used the medkit model from SCP"Containment Breach. Legacy First Aid Kits did not have an animation and would instantly heal the player when used.

Related Sounds

Description Sound
A First Aid Kit being used.



  • Announced in a March 22 Development Update, the First Aid Kit was to be updated in the Megapatch II, being split between the first aid kit proper and SCP-500, with plans to make the first aid kit have an animation and timer.
  • Prior to Megapatch II, the First Aid Kit was the only way for a human to heal themselves.
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