"On-site security personnel charged with restoring order amidst the chaos. Evacuate Scientists, eliminate D-Class Personnel, re-contain escaped SCPs, and above all do whatever it takes to restore normalcy to your site.

-Steam Store Page"

Facility Guards are one of the five human classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory. They spawn in at the beginning of the round. The Facility Guards are tasked with rescuing Scientists, killing all Class-DChaos Insurgency and re-containing all SCPs. They cooperate with the MTF

Official SCP Wiki Information

"On-site security officers — often referred to simply as guards — at Foundation facilities are tasked with maintaining physical and information security for Foundation projects, operations, and personnel. Primarily drawn and recruited from military, law enforcement, and correctional facility personnel, security officers are trained in the use of all types of weapons as well as a variety of contingency plans covering both containment breach incidents as well as hostile action. These personnel are also responsible for information security, such as making sure that sensitive documents are not misplaced and that a facility's computer systems are safe from outside intrusion. They are also often the first line of defense against hostile outside forces for Foundation facilities."


Facility Guards spawn in random locations throughout the Entrance Zone at the start of a round. They can be identified by their gray uniforms and balaclavas.

Unlike the MTF, they all spawn with the same equipment and share the same rank.

Facility Guards spawn with an MP7, Disarmer, Medkit, Radio, Flash Grenade, Weapon Manager Tablet, and a Guard keycard.

Their goals are to rescue Scientists, re-contain the SCPs, and kill all Class-D and Chaos Insurgents. An MTF victory can only won when they are the last standing faction alongside Scientists and MTF.

Reserve Ammo

9 MM - 0 (COM15 & Project 90)
7.62 MM - 35 (MP7 & Logicer)
5.56 MM - 0 (Epsilon-11 SR)

Related Sounds

Description Sound
Facility Guard footstep sounds.
When an SCP has been seen.
When becoming a target for SCP-096.


Related Achievements

  • They are just resources...: Kill 50 D-Class's as an MTF or a Scientist.
  • The Tables Have Turned!: Disarm a MTF operative.


  • Facility Guards were added into the game in Open Beta v6.0.0.
  • Currently Facility Guards and MTF share the same profile image.
  • The SCP:SL Facility Guards are based off the ones from SCP: Containment Breach. SCP:CB guards use P90s, but SCP:SL guards use MP7s. The guards in SCP:CB also had bulkier armour and a riot helmet, while the SL guards only have a flak vest and a balaclava.
  • Their uniform resembles the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Uniform with its urban camouflage and its knee pads and elbow pads.
  • During the Halloween Event, Their faces became invisible, excluding their eyes, and have been renamed to "Scooby Gang".
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