The Entrance Zone is one of the four major areas in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which serves to connect the Facility to the Surface and the Heavy Containment Zone. Facility guards spawn here at the beginning of the round.


Beyond the unique locations, Entrance Zone is also comprised of simple hallways, corners and "X" Junctions, connecting different unique areas.

Gates A and B

Gate A
Gate B

The gates are the access points to the surface zone from the facility. The blast doors require exit clearance to open. Gate A is closest to the Chaos Insurgency spawning area and Gate B is closest to the MTF spawning area. Both areas feature weapons workbenches and a set of inaccessible blast doors.

Ruined Hallway

Ruined Hall

Some hallways are blocked with debris and are inaccessible.

Blast Door room

RED Blast Door

The Blast Door room is a large room with an inaccessible blast door at the other end. Apart from the red lighting and blaring klaxon, there is nothing else of note in this room. Facility guards have a chance of spawning here at the start of the game. SCP-079's map display refers to this kind of room as "Red".

Evacuation Shelter entrance

Evac Center

The Evacuation Shelter entrance is a small room containing a workstation and an inaccessible blast door leading to the Evacuation Shelter.

The only way to enter the shelter is to use noclip and fly through the door. In the inside is a green lighted easteregg room with a note on the wall reading "why are you in here? go play the game. <3".

Intercom Room


The Intercom Room is a unique room where a player can broadcast their voice over the PA system, similar to using a Radio. Once a player begins talking within the Mic Room, everyone inside the facility will be able to hear the player. A timer will also begin counting down, upon when it gets to 0, the players voice is cut off. Players can also disengage it by releasing the mic key. After broadcasting, a cooldown timer is started, which prevents the intercom being used until it's over. The duration and cooldown timers can be adjusted from server to server, but the default values are 20 seconds to talk and 120 seconds to cooldown.

Access to the room requires a unique keycard clearance.


Connects the Heavy Containment Zone to the Entrance Zone. Requires keycards with Checkpoint clearance to open.

Door Hallway

Doors Hallway

This area is identical to a normal hallway, except with two inaccessible doors on either side.

The doors also have labels next to them, with one being "Conference Room 9B" and the other being "Dr. L".

Office Rooms

These are open-spaced areas with office furniture and other features.

Large Office Area

Locker Office

The Locker Office is a unique room to Entrance Zone containing a workstation at the top of a raised floor and may contain 2 Lockers, which can spawn beside one of the doors on the ground floor, or up on the raised floor.

Small Office Area

Segmented Office

The Small Office has a main hallway on a higher portion and a lower portion connected by two staircases that contain computers and office space.

Medium Office Area

Single Office

The Medium Office serves as a hallway with two doors at either end, and has an expanded area cluttered with office desks and a cubicle. The cubicle may contain a locker.


  • The Entrance Zone is the only zone with visible damage, with the ruined hallways.
  • Unlike Heavy or Light Containment Zones, Entrance Zone lacks any form of a "T" Junction.
  • This area, alongside the Surface, are the only areas in the Facility that do not have a corresponding SCP that spawns in that location.
    • This used to not be the case, with the presence of SCP-294 and a cut Cafeteria Room which served as an environmental SCP before being removed later in development.
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