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EXILED is one of many plugin services that have risen to provide SMod like support for SCP: Secret Laboratory servers.

How EXILED is used:

EXILED provides plugin services to SCP: Secret Laboratory servers just like SMod did in the past. The collapse of SMod and its development team gave way for EXILED to be created.

Popularity Levels:

EXILED is run on over 500 listed and non-listed SCP: Secret Laboratory servers. This makes up 55% of all SCP: Secret Laboratory servers. 

EXILED has risen as a replacement for the now defunct SMod system

EXILED was created after MP2 when SMod and MultiAdmin were declared unusable as a result of the update causing issues for the SMod team.

Noteable EXILED Plugins:

Admin Tools:

  • Provides enhanced tools for admins

Better Sinkholes:

  • Customizable slow and teleport radius and customizable teleport message and teleport message duration

Blink Fatigue:

  • Adds an incremental blink speed for SCP-173, so the more you (or anyone) looks at him, the more you will blink and the faster he will come to snap your neck. - Avoids tutorials from raising the blink speed. Whether your fellow tutorials are moderators just moving around and happen to spot 173.

Chopper Supply Drop:

  • Chopper Drop is an Exiled plugin which makes a chopper drop down supplies at the surface every 10 minutes

Discord Integration for Servers:

  • Adds logs for most of the new EXILED events - Adds "RoleSync" feature similar to SCPDiscord's.

Friendly Fire Auto Ban:

  • A Friendly Fire Auto Ban (FFAB for short) plugin for EXILED.

Lucky Slots:

  • Will run a 'slot machine' on a configurable timer that will give each player a chance of receiving an item from a list of possible choices. Players will be informed when the slots are rolling and whether they were lucky or unlucky with configurable messages. Supports blacklisting specific roles to not receive items. Will never try to give SCP's and Spectators Items.

Map Editor:

  • Allows for the spawning of props.

Peanut Fucking Explodes:

  • Peanut fucking explodes when he dies.

Player Stats:

  • Allows for integration of stats from SCP: Secret Laboratory onto Discord for users to see.

In-game Report Integration:

  • In-game Discord reports integration.


  • When a zombie hits someone there is a 40% chance to infect that player with SCP-008. When infected, there is a 30s timer (showed to that player) that counts down. If they are still alive when it reaches 0, they will become an SCP-049-2 and infect any human player who is within a short range (about the size of an elevator), who will then each start their own 30s timers. If a player dies while infected by SCP-008, they turn into a zombie. Using a Medkit or SCP-500 while infected will cure the infection.


  • Adds a passive SCP to the game - Spawns random items around the map that are SCP-035 in disguise. If you pick one of them up, SCP-035 possesses your body and will proceed to fight for the SCP team - SCP-035 will bypass friendly fire rules, allowing him to kill any team aside from SCPs on servers with friendly fire off - Tons of customization and extra features.


  • SCP-575 is a sentient (non-playable) entity that will wreak havoc around the facility. When a round starts there is a configurable chance that SCP-575 will be present that round. If he is, after a configurable initial delay , he will cause a power blackout within the facility. During this blackout, lights in both the Heavy Containment Zone and Light Containment Zone will be off, causing players to need flashlights or NV scopes to find their way around. (SCP's are unaffected by the blackouts, and can see normally). If SCP-575's 'keter' option is enabled, he will damage players every 5 sec who are in the dark without a light source (such as a flashlight, gun flashlight attachment, or a gun NV scope attachment) for a configurable amount of damage (default 10). During blackouts, automatic tesla gates are disabled, though 079 can still manually trigger them. After a period of time the blackout will end. After the initial blackout, it will repeat itself throughout the round, with a configurable interval.

SCP Swap:

  • Allows SCP players to request to swap roles with one another at the beginning of the round if both players agree.

SCP-106 Stalking:

  • A new **Stalk** ability, triggered by double clicking the portal creation button in the [TAB] menu
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