"Left click disarms, right click unties. Hold E on someone who is disarmed on your team to free them.

-Item Description"

Disarmer is an item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which allows the holder to disarm other humans.


The Disarmer spawns on Facility Guards and all MTF ranks (excluding MTF Scientists), it may also be found in Weapon Locker Type 21.

The Disarmer is used by clicking the Fire button (default Left Click) on a human player in close proximity who is not holding any items. The targeted player will be disarmed and their items will be dropped. Disarmed players cannot interact with anything until they are freed.

The Disarmer will display how far the captor is away from the disarmed player using white bars.

Disarmed players can be freed in the following ways:

  • The player who disarmed you must drop the Disarmer or right-click on the targeted player again will release them.
  • If a player that is tied up uses an elevator without their captor alongside them, they will be untied upon reaching the next floor.
  • Being over 300 ft apart from the captor will free the disarmed player
  • Other players can hold 'E' to free the disarmed player.

Disarmed Class-D or Scientists that escape will respawn as MTF or Chaos Insurgents, depending on which faction detained them.

Legacy Information

Prior to Megapatch II, Disarmers were invisible to other players and could disarm players holding items.


Related Achievements

  • The Tables Have Turned!: Disarm a MTF operative.


  • The Disarmer was previously called the Detainer.
  • The Disarmer doesn't have any visible restraint such as ropes or cuffs. The only indication of someone being detained is having their hands behind their back.
  • The Disarmer's inventory icon appears to use an older model. The current model's handle has a flat base, while the inventory icon's model has a more pointy handle.
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