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SCP: Secret Laboratory spawns classes with priority over others, and dependencies based on the number of other classes and overall players.


The priorities listed here is based on the initially spawning classes. The classes that spawn in initally may be edited through the config_gameplay.txt file.

Class D

  • Highest Priority - Will always be at least one in-game


  • Second Priority - Will always spawn after one Class D is inserted.
  • SCP-079 can only spawn if there is at least 1 SCP.
  • NOTE: Admins can force start a round with 1 person, if so, no SCPs will spawn.

Facility Guards

  • Third Priority - Will always spawn after one SCP is inserted

Chaos Insurgency

  • Third Priority - Has a small chance to replace Facility Guards as the first wave responders.


  • Fourth Priority - Will spawn based on number of Class D, being 2 : 1
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