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SCP: Secret Laboratory spawns classes at the beginning of the round based on a gameplay configuration called "team_respawn_queue".

The default value of "team_respawn_queue" is 40143140314414041340. Each number indicates which class is supposed to spawn in the game. 0 is SCPs, 1 is Facility Guards/Chaos Insurgency, 3 is Scientists and 4 is Class-D.

Default Spawn


  • Highest Priority - Will always be at least one in-game.


  • Second Priority - Will always spawn after one Class D is inserted.
  • SCP-079 can only spawn if there is at least 1 SCP.

Facility Guards

  • Third Priority - Will always spawn after one SCP and Class-D have spawned.

Chaos Insurgency

  • Third Priority - Has a small chance to replace Facility Guards.


  • Fourth Priority - Will spawn after two Class-D, one SCP and one Chaos Insurgent/Facility Guard has spawned in.
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