"Inmates kept within the bowels of the Foundation sites as lab rats; test subjects at the mercy of the Foundation’s cruel practices. Escape from your confines and rebel against your imprisoners — by any means necessary.

-Steam Store Page"

Class D are one of the five human classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory. They spawn in at the beginning of the round in Light Containment Zone. Their goal is to escape to the Surface and survive while working with the Chaos Insurgency.

Official SCP Wiki Information

"Class D personnel are expendable personnel used to handle extremely hazardous anomalies and are not allowed to come into contact with Class A or Class B personnel. Class D personnel are typically drawn worldwide from the ranks of prison inmates convicted of violent crimes, especially those on death row. In times of duress, Protocol 12 may be enacted, which allows recruitment from other sources — such as political prisoners, refugee populations, and other civilian sources — that can be transferred into Foundation custody under plausibly deniable circumstances. Class D personnel are to be given regular mandatory psychiatric evaluations and are to be administered an amnesiac of at least Class B strength or terminated at the end of the month at the discretion of on-site security or medical staff. In the event of a catastrophic site event, Class D personnel are to not be terminated except as deemed necessary by on-site security personnel."


Class-D spawn in the Class-D Cells in Light Containment Zone. They can be identified by their black beanies and orange clothes.

Class-D do not spawn with any items.

Their main goal is to escape the facility and avoid/kill all other factions, excluding the Chaos Insurgency. Chaos Insurgents will cooperate with Class-D to help them escape.

If a Chaos Insurgency spawn occurs, only Class-D and other Chaos Insurgents will be able to hear the Chaos Insurgency spawn theme.

To escape, a Class-D will have to pass an invisible checkpoint located at the end of the escape area's pathway. Escaping as a Class-D will respawn you as a Chaos Insurgent. Escaping as a Disarmed Class-D will respawn you as an MTF Cadet.

For a Class-D win scenario, at least one Class-D must have escaped and all Foundation personnel and SCPs must be killed.   

Reserve Ammo

Class-D do not spawn with any ammunition.


In older versions of the game, there is a customization system where player can choose between two characters to play as: D-55240, "Jan Kalous" and D-34910, "Charlotte Richer" who starts with a Janitor Keycard. The shirts for Class-D also had "Class D" written on the back in white. Currently D-55240 is the only model used in-game.

Related Sounds

Description Sound
Class-D footstep sounds.
Chaos Insurgency spawn theme.
When an SCP has been seen.
When becoming a target for SCP-096.


Related Achievements

  • It's always left, Brothers!: Escape as a D-Class Personnel.
  • Nani?!: As a Class-D, kill a Scientist holding a keycard.
  • Friendship!: As a Scientist, successfully upgrade your keycard with a Class-D.
  • They are just resources...: Kill 50 D-Class's as an MTF or a Scientist.
  • ... You thinking what I'm thinking?: Find any gun as a Class-D
  • Property of the Chaos Insurgency: Liberate two or more SCP objects from the facility while escaping as a Class-D.
  • Escape Artist: Escape the facility in 3 minutes or under.


  • In the April Fools 2018 update, the Class-D were renamed to "D-BOIIII"s and their objective splash text was replaced with the word "D-BOIZ" repeated 24 times. 
    • In the April Fools 2019 update, Class-D were renamed to "D-Boys" and their objective splash text was replaced with "This meme is kinda dead, whatever.."
  • In Devlog #6, a few planned models and backstories for different Class-D were shown.
    • Jan Kalous (D-55240) is 32 years old and originates from the Czech Republic. He was a former dealer of experimental drugs that were highly poisonous and is responsible for several hundred deaths.
      • Jan Kalous' player model is the only Class-D model currently used in the game.
    • Charlotte Richer (D-34910) is 37 years old and originates from Paris. She is a pickpocket and burglar who entered the foundation a year after a successful bank robbery in Paris.
    • Kate Norris (D-29640) is 28 years old and originates from England. She was convicted for multiple murders and is accurate at shooting.
    • Claudia Meyer (D-31972) is 28 years old and originates from Germany. She was involved in the production of substances and was shot during an act of mafia eradication by a foundation group posing as anti-terrorists.
  • When escaping and respawning as a Chaos Insurgent, the flavor text says "You escaped as a Class D and joined the Chaos Insurgency."
    • When escaping while disarmed, the flavor text says "You were recaptured by the Nine-Tailed Fox. With one less threat in the facility, they were able to reinforce."
  • Class-D are commonly referred to as "D-bois" by the community, the origin of this name is unknown.
  • According to the former Lead Game Designer Wavepoole, Class D are used as janitors at Site-02.
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