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v10.0.0 Scopophobia


We’re very happy to announce that, after a long and challenging development process, SCP: Secret Laboratory’s next update has arrived and is now fully available to everyone. Scopophobia rivals Megapatch 2 in its scale - this update brings major reworks, large performance improvements, rewritten systems, and more.

SCP-096 Rework

Scopophobia (n.) - an abnormal fear of being looked at or seen.

The Shy Guy is among the oldest classes in the game. Although mechanically it mostly works well, it uses an outdated model, and all of its voice files are taken from SCP - Containment Breach. SCP-096 was long overdue for a revamp, and its complete rework is the highlight and namesake of Scopophobia - including a brand-new model, completely revamped sounds, and a fully remade user experience.

SCP-096 is now our most polished and well-presented SCP to date, and we'd like to keep its exact mechanics a surprise for players to discover in-game. As a result, they won't be in these patch notes, but all of the changes to SCP-096, big and small, exist in-game for you to discover and play with - or be killed by. If you've played or followed the beta, you may know already what's in store for you, but if not, then keep an eye out!

SCP-096’s character info screen has also been fully updated to match its new mechanics, to keep you and your teammates up to date. Technically, you can also just go into a local server and view the info screen from there, but is there any fun in that?

In the interest of transparency, though, here's a few highlights you can look forward to:

  • - Full revamp of the rage system, scaling effective health and duration with the amount of targets.
  • - Three active abilities - some used when docile, and some used in rage.
  • - Completely original model, animations, audio, and voice acting made by our amazingly-talented artists and sound designers.
  • - Is now the tallest SCP in the game.

SCP-096 received extensive changes during the beta period for Scopophobia, and right now we hope that they’re in an acceptable state. We’ll be working internally to provide further refinements in upcoming tweaks.

Spawning Tickets

One of SL's longest-standing problems is its respawn system. While it lets players get back into the round after dying instead of having to wait for it to end, it also has no limits; as a result, squads can constantly respawn and go into the facility, throwing themselves at remaining targets until they win through sheer numbers. This never feels satisfying to do, and often results in the game dragging on far past when people wanted it to end - especially if the last squad member is away or hides to wait for a respawn.

Spawning tickets is our solution to this problem. In short, rather than having an unlimited pool of reinforcements, both military teams - the Nine-Tailed Fox and Chaos Insurgency - draw from a limited pool of tickets. Every time a respawn wave occurs, every respawned player consumes one ticket from the pool.

The likelihood of each team spawning is now determined by their tickets. If a team has twice as many tickets as the other, then that team will spawn twice as often. Once a team runs out of tickets, it won't respawn! If this happens to the Nine-Tailed Fox, they’ll be permanently disabled for the match; the Chaos Insurgency, however, can continue to spawn if they gain more tickets somehow. If both teams are out of tickets, the Chaos Insurgency will be the only team that spawns.

Tickets aren't just consumed. Different actions throughout the facility also cause tickets to replenish for the various teams. These actions are as follows:


  • - Starts with 14 tickets
  • - +1 whenever a Class-D escapes
  • - +1 whenever a Scientist dies
  • - +2 whenever a cuffed Scientist escapes
  • - +2 whenever a Class-D or CI uses an SCP item


  • - Starts with 24 tickets
  • - +1 whenever a Scientist escapes
  • - +1 whenever a cuffed Class-D escapes
  • - +1 for every 25% max health lost on an SCP, up to 4 total tickets per SCP

All of these values, including default tickets, SCP health loss intervals, and ticket returns for various events can be configured by server owners in the gameplay config. Additionally, although we highly recommend using the system, owners can opt out of it by simply disabling it altogether.

As a disclaimer, although this is a refinement of the current system and an iteration upon outdated mechanics, we do intend to modify win conditions more heavily in future updates. Spawning tickets may or may not be removed when new win conditions make their way into SL, and we'll likely be refining it as time goes on until that point!


From its conception, SCPSL has been a fast-paced game. Human classes can run constantly at a fast pace, and even the slowest SCP classes move at a jogging pace. Going into this update, we wanted to place more emphasis on the movement system without slowing down the overall pace of the game.

In order to accomplish this, we've introduced a new system - stamina, also known as a run meter. While sprinting, you will slowly deplete your stamina, and you can't sprint while out of stamina. Walking, standing still, or sneaking will allow your stamina to replenish so that you can run again.

Default values for this are very forgiving. It takes about 20 seconds at a full sprint to run out of stamina, and it regenerates in less time than that, meaning that you'll still be sprinting more often than not if you like to play the game fast and hard. In order to keep the pace of the game the same, walking speed has received a substantial increase for human classes. Sprint speed has also been increased, but by a much smaller amount.

Stamina's main purpose is as a design tool to interact with various parts of the game in a better way, and we've added a few of these already (as you can see in the Balance Changes segment.) We've been very careful in designing and tweaking stamina throughout the testing period to get it to a point where it doesn't feel strangulating to play with and so that it serves as an addition to make movement more interesting instead of restricting it heavily.

Stamina doesn't currently affect SCPs in any way - only humans. Stamina does, however, play a part in a lot of different status effects, and so disabling it entirely will cause some of them to behave strangely, as well as providing a nerf to revised items such as adrenaline and SCP-207.

A Note on Configuration

When we were initially planning stamina, we were nervous of the public response. As a result, when the feature was announced, and public reception was mixed, we said at the time that we would allow server owners to fully configure, or even remove, stamina.

However, as time has passed, and the feature has become more refined, our development teams have gradually decided that allowing heavy configuration of stamina can and will result in an unhealthy dynamic between servers and the game's overall intended balance. So, at least for the time being, we've decided to keep stamina hardcoded. Unless modified by third-party mods, stamina will be the same across servers. Mods or plugins can modify stamina's values rather easily, but configuration won't be a vanilla feature for the game.

Our reasons for this choice are as follows: Stamina will play a large part in further balancing of the game. SCPs will interact with it, and disabling or heavily modifying stamina will leave future additions or balance amendments feeling incomplete or broken; Several important new systems now interact with stamina, such as status effects, and without stamina, they may behave improperly or result in errors; Server-side stamina configurations will result in inconsistent experiences between different players, and cause confusion as to what is and isn't an intended feature.

This doesn't mean that we're done with stamina, or that we're forcing it to remain in its current state. We know this feature - and this decision - will be controversial, and although feedback has thus far been mostly positive, we'll be closely watching general preferences and the overall public response to stamina. If stamina ends up being a feature that the vast majority of people hate, or that no longer fulfills its purpose, then we may remove it entirely.

We ask that you keep a close eye on how matches flow in light of this decision, and let us know how stamina feels, both as an SCP or as one of the game's many human classes. Feedback is a very big part of what goes into our balance decisions, and this choice wasn't one we made lightly.

Status Effects

Our second Devlog spoke about status effects, and they've been fully realized and implemented in this update. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a status effect is a temporary change to your general condition or the way you play the game; for instance, SCP-207 is a status effect that speeds you up while slowly draining your health.

Scopophobia includes a slew of new status effects! All of them can be applied via a new Remote Admin panel and text-based RA queries, and some of them occur naturally in-game. In addition to migrating all old temporary conditions to the new system (like SCP-268, SCP-207, and the Pocket Dimension), this update includes the following new status effects:

  • - Amnesia prevents you from opening your inventory or reloading.
  • - Bleeding is a damage-over-time that starts out dealing high damage and decreases over time.
  • - Blinded hugely blurs your screen, preventing you from making out any detail.
  • - Burned increases all damage taken by a small amount.
  • - Concussed blurs your screen depending on how fast you turn your camera.
  • - Deafened greatly muffles everything you hear.
  • - Decontaminating is now a status effect, and drains 10% of your max health per second until death.
  • - Disabled cripples your movement speed.
  • - Ensnared stops you from moving at all.
  • - Hemorrhage quickly causes damage while sprinting.
  • - Poisoned is the inverse of Bleeding - it starts with low damage and slowly ramps up.

In addition, there are also some stamina-related statuses:

  • - Invigorated causes running to cost no stamina, although running will still pause stamina regeneration even if it doesn't have a stamina cost.
  • - Asphyxiated quickly drains stamina, and drains health if stamina is gone.
  • - Exhausted cuts max stamina and stamina regeneration rate in half.
  • - Panic slightly increases all stamina drain.

Some old mechanics have also been moved to status effects. For instance, 939's vision is now tied entirely to status effects, meaning admins can place the effect onto other classes! However, be careful when using these effects with RA; many aren't intended to be placed onto classes they shouldn't naturally occur on, and doing so can cause glitches and oddities for them.

Medical items can be used to cure status effects to varying degrees. For instance, SCP-500 reduces the damage of Bleeding and Poisoned to their minimum values, while painkillers can remove Concussed and Burned outright. With the advent of negative effects on players, it was astute to give some medical items tweaks to balance, and to give them new niches. Almost every effect interacts with medical items in some way - experiment!

As mentioned before, though some of these are already implemented, some of them only exist in code and remote admin. In adding these effects, we wanted to provide a design tool for the future, as well as give plugin devs and server admins a new mechanic to tinker with in different ways.

Decontamination Displays

This was a feature requested a long time ago by our patrons. Now, in Scopophobia, we were able to make it a reality, thanks to our rewrite of decontamination code!

In both checkpoints in Light Containment Zone, you can now find large screens on the LCZ side of the doors. These displays show the remaining time until the zone is decontaminated, featuring animations for starting up and counting down, as well as an appearance change during the final 30 seconds. If the server has decontamination disabled for whatever reason, it'll simply show the Foundation's logo instead.

A little-known fact is that decontamination actually happens after just under 12 minutes, instead of 15 minutes - this was a deliberate choice to keep the game moving at a fast pace while preserving the feeling of rushing to get prepared and armed in early-game. As such, you'll see this happen in real-time on the displays, which will count down at a slightly sped-up rate, slowing down whenever reaching an announcement or during the final 30 seconds.

Alpha Warhead Lights

In the early versions of SL, whenever the alpha warhead was enabled, all the lights in the facility became red, which increased the tension of the match and provided a better atmosphere. Due to the lights having outdated code, we had to cut this feature some time before Megapatch 2's release. Bringing them back has been requested a lot since then, and as a result, for 10.0, we've rewritten the system and put it back into the game.

Once the Alpha Warhead turns on, all lights in the facility - even those in places that previously lacked red lights, like the Entrance Zone - will turn bright red, reflecting the countdown taking place and providing a visual aid to accompany the siren. The lights will turn back to normal once the warhead is cancelled, but will remain on for the rest of the match if the warhead detonates.

Main Menu and UX Overhaul Although Secret Laboratory's HUD has always been functional enough to accomplish what it sets out to do, it's very simple - especially its main menu. Part of our update cycle for this patch included a careful revamp of our entire user experience. Not only does this include the in-game UI, but it also includes the whole main menu!

The server browser has been completely revamped. You now have a lot more flexibility over how you find, view, and enter servers, including a long overdue system: Favorites. This allows you to 'favorite' servers by clicking a star icon on their browser entry, then switching to a Favorites tab that lets you see only servers that you’ve marked as favorites. This browser also includes a Refresh button and a Rejoin button, to join the last server you were connected to, and you can click on a server's entry to view its info without having to switch screens.

Other tabs of note are Official, which shows all official servers; History, which shows a history of all the servers you've played on before; and Friends, which shows any servers your friends are connected to. In addition, when connecting to a server, you'll see a representation of your connection progress, along with dioramas from around the facility and tips to offer flavor and advice.

We've also overhauled the Settings tab, which features true toggle buttons, dropdowns, and switching between tabs without having to go into submenus every single aspect of the main menu has been iterated upon and tweaked into a modernized, less simplistic version. You should find the menu faster, more performant, and more effective than it ever has been.

Let us know what you think!


In Scopophobia, we've introduced a framework to interact with objects in the facility to display an image on your HUD. This feature is currently very small, and only exists in a handful of places, but we felt it was worth mentioning. In the future, it may be used for things such as computer displays, or documents that provide worldbuilding for SL's setting.

Right now, you can interact with the artwork in the Class-D cells to see a zoomed-in detail view of them. Additionally, in light of our first ARG, which happened during the last weeks of 2019, we've also created an intractable in-game plaque commemorating the event and featuring the names of some of its participants, which is located in the place where it all began.

This feature may see a lot of use in upcoming updates. Stay tuned!


As part of our ongoing effort to spice up the core gameplay, we've tweaked the balance in the following ways in order to accommodate the new mechanics introduced in Scopophobia.

Hi! It's me, the anonymous voice for developer's notes. We've done these in previous changelogs to show transparency in certain changes and why we've made them, and we see no reason to stop, so you can find little tidbits throughout the balance sections about why we did certain things.


Stamina will undoubtedly change how players move through the level, and so as to not make it an "island" (a mechanic with no interconnecting parts to the rest of the game) we've implemented it in different ways throughout the base game, including shifting some of adrenaline's power to a new stamina-preserving effect.

  • - Flashbangs now cause the Deafened status effect
  • - Frag grenades now apply Burned and Concussed to human players, with duration scaling with range; at point-blank, these effects are applied for 10 seconds
  • - SCP-500 now removes the Concussed and Deafened status effects, and reduces the damage of Bleeding and Poisoned to their lowest possible value
  • - Medkits now remove the Bleeding and Burned status effects
  • - Adrenaline now removes the Concussed status effect
  • - Adrenaline now grants 30 AHP, from 50
  • - Adrenaline now grants the Invigorated status effect for 20 seconds
  • - Painkillers now remove the Burned and Concussed status effects
  • - When consumed, SCP-207 grants infinite stamina while its effects remain on the player


  • - Deals half damage against SCPs
  • - Magazine size reduced to 75, down from 100

This is a tremendous change, and one with large ramifications. The Logicer has consistently been the strongest weapon since the game's release, sporting a huge magazine, high damage, and rapid rate of fire. Coupled with the fact that all Chaos Insurgents spawn with the weapon, and it meant that nearly any SCP could be consistently killed with relative ease in any situation where more than a few players encountered it at the same time - especially the new SCP-096 - which obviously breaks intended balance.

Next update, we'd like to rework the Logicer into something completely different, or even replace it entirely. However, in its current state, it would be difficult to do this without making the update take even longer or adjusting more weapons, and so, as such, we're greatly reducing its power against SCPs. The weapon still remains a powerhouse capable of effectively dispatching threats at close range, but it should no longer be a guaranteed death sentence for SCPs that aren't 939.


The Heavy Barrel in conjunction with the Gyroscopic Stabilizer was an incredibly strong combination, being a straight upgrade in nearly all situations unless you wanted to use a silencer. Both attachments have received adjustments in Scopophobia.

  • - The Heavy Barrel now reduces firing rate by 20% on the E-11-SR and the P90
  • - The Gyroscopic Stabilizer now greatly widens the crosshair on the E-11-SR

Our intent with these changes isn't to nerf them outright. Heavy Barrel is no longer essentially a straight upgrade, and instead deals the same DPS as the base E-11. The goal of the change is to shift the attachment to be stronger at medium and long ranges (because of the higher damage per shot and thus its decreased falloff) but worse at close-ranges than the normal weapon (because of the slower firing rate making it easier to miss shots.) This change applies to the P90 as well, both for consistency and because the heavy barrel turned the P90 into the weapon with the highest DPS in the game.

The Gyroscopic Stabilizer is another attachment with a straight buff - except in this case, instead of a negligible downside, it has no downside. Rather than a numbers nerf, which feels like a temporary change, we decided to give it a unique downside. This allows it to be a strong attachment for players who prefer to aim-down-sights or use long-range scope attachments without penalizing them for playing to its strengths.



  • -Movement speed increased to 6 m/s (was 5.6 m/s)

SCP-049 has been the slowest SCP in-game for quite some time, and with the increase in walking speed conferred by the addition of stamina, we discovered that people now walked so quickly that SCP-049 could simply be out-walked. Because 049's slow speed has been a consistent problem in the past as well, we've decided to tentatively bump it up to match that of SCP-106, in hopes that the good doctor will now perform better in a post-stamina environment.


  • - Windup on attacks has been removed (was previously 0.2s)
  • - Hands are now less prominent on the screen
  • - Attacks now destroy windows

Zombies have been one of the most inconsistent classes in SL since their original conception due to outdated code and design practices. We recently revisited their code, where we adjusted some of these old elements and removed the windup on the attacks to make them feel less clunky to use. They should now feel much more consistent to play.


  • - Attacks now inflict Amnesia for 3 seconds
  • - Multiple attacks will add onto the duration of the effect
  • - Attacks now consistently deal 65 damage, instead of a random amount between 50 and 80

SCP-939 fills a strong role right now as a brawler, able to catch up to humans in a chase and bring them down. Stamina may be able to make SCP-939 much stronger, as it'll be able to catch humans after they become exhausted, and so we felt this was a good time to adjust its balance a bit.

Randomized damage numbers are something we've been moving away from, as you can see with the standardization of weapon damage and past changes to SCP-049-2's damage. 65 is the average of the old numbers, meaning its balance will stay statistically unchanged, but players should no longer be able to survive more bites than they should be able to if the damage rolls low, and conversely, they won't be able to survive too few bites if that damage rolls high.

Finally, Amnesia is meant to serve as another way to apply pressure to humans if they're hit once - 3 seconds isn't much, but it incentivizes getting out of range and neuters combat effectiveness towards 939 at point-blank.


  • - SCP-106 can now walk through windows
  • - Allowed SCP-079 to lock down rooms in Entrance Zone as well as more rooms in Heavy Containment


  • - Tesla gates now do more damage per tick, but only tick three times; the net effect is that the damage per blast is greatly reduced but is still immediately lethal to humans, SCP-106, and SCP-049-2, but will no longer one-shot high-health SCPs


These are wide-spanning changes, but they're not final. In fact, it's highly likely they'll receive changes after they've had some time to exist for a bit. For Megapatch 2, we released 9.1.0 - Megapatch Minipatch - as a response to ongoing feedback and to further refine the changes introduced in the update, and it's likely the same thing will happen here. Let us know your thoughts!

Other Changes

  • This update also includes a bunch of smaller changes that didn't fit into any of these other categories. In no particular order:
  • Adjusted compression and import settings across many of the game's assets. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in RAM usage with no drawbacks and no visible difference in quality!
  • Dropped flashlights now have a light source
  • Players now leave behind ragdolls and drop their items when leaving the server; disconnected SCPs will play their recontainment announcement
  • Ragdolls now maintain the velocity their player had on death; this includes SCP-173's broken chunks, each of which have independent physics
  • The info screen now toggles on and off, instead of requiring a held keypress
  • The info screen fades in and out, instead of simply appearing and vanishing
  • Revamped the appearance of the hitmarker to be more consistent and intrude less on the crosshair. Did you know that the old hitmarker was off-center? You do now.
  • Updated the textures of the Research Supervisor keycard and the Cadet keycard to show their new names instead of their old ones (which were Major Scientist and Senior Guard, respectively)
  • Remade keycard inventory icons in neutral lighting - they previously had a blue tint applied to them
  • The health bar now has a more stylized appearance
  • Artificial health now always displays separately, and shows its remaining amount as a number
  • AHP is now visible to spectators
  • Status effects, such as SCP-268, are now visible to spectators
  • Improved the appearance of the overlay that displays when at low health
  • Expanded CASSIE's vocabulary, as well as adding prefixes and suffixes to it, such as "pro-", "anti-", "un-", "-ish", and "-like"
  • Implemented a custom parser for CASSIE so that different localizations of decimal points produce the same result
  • Trying to fire a gun while it has no ammo in its magazine is now audible to all players, instead of just the person trying to shoot
  • The MicroHID now breaks windows
  • Pickup up items now shows a circle around the cursor that gradually fills, instead of a simple progress bar
  • Picking up items is now handled on the server, preventing cheats from allowing instant item pickups and equalizing pickup times between players with different ping
  • Decontamination is now handled server-side, and should perform slightly better
  • Added a new "PLEASE WAIT" screen when launching the game
  • Updated translations with community contributions
  • Updated the credits list
  • Updated the RA interface with new panels for status effects and spawning tickets and added new command queries pertaining to these
  • Added a new RA command, pfx, to assign status effects to players with the given intensity (syntax: pfx (list of IDs) [effect name]=[effect intensity].)
  • NOTE FOR ABOVE: Not all status effects utilize intensity; for most effects, you'll want to use tpfx, listed below.
  • Added a new RA command, tpfx, to assign status effects to players with a duration (syntax: tpfx (list of IDs) [effect name]=[effect duration in seconds]. for example, "tpfx 1 poisoned=10" will assign player number 1 the Poisoned effect for 10 seconds.)
  • LocalAdmin now uses a cleaner console display and should perform faster
  • Removed unused script assets in order to improve file sizes and loading times
  • As a consequence of improvements to door code, the "ACCESS DENIED" animation now lasts about half as long
  • Fully rewrote some backend systems for stability, expansion, and performance
  • Greatly optimized tesla gate performance
  • Blood no longer appears on doors due to consistent rendering issues
  • Ragdolls now disappear after two minutes to conserve long-term performance; this can be configured per-server using the new config key "ragdoll_cleanup_time". If set to 0, ragdolls will remain forever, identical to the old system
  • Added additional colliders throughout the level to prevent nonsensical deaths as well as out-of-bounds glitching
  • Implemented the ability for servers or plugins to change a player's display name
  • Added the ability for servers to change the intercom's displayed text through RA
  • Added a server config for a multiplier applied to damage dealt by friendly fire
  • Bypass mode now works to open the panel in the Alpha Warhead control panel in the Surface Zone
  • Blocked @here and @everyone mentions in cheater reports. (You jerks.)
  • Fixes towards players appearing twice on the same server
  • Fixed several broken achievements
  • Fixed The Bloodening(tm) by preventing blood decals occasionally having their scale set extremely high
  • Fixed SCP-207's third-person model having collision
  • Fixed the Tutorial class model being locked into the pose of holding a keycard
  • Fixed a malformed collider in LCZ straightaways that allowed players to scale the wall
  • Fixed a collider in SCP-106's chamber that allowed players to slide down the side of the floating cube to avoid fall damage
  • Fixed the elevators at Gate A and Gate B teleporting items into the void
  • Fixed elevators also moving items and grenades that were sitting just outside of their doors
  • Fixed sinkholes being able to spawn if their spawn chance was set to 0
  • Fixed a long-standing culling issue when standing inside the Class-D cells
  • Fixed frag grenade chain explosions not working on dedicated servers
  • Fixed the squad size limit config being ignored
  • Fixed some missing materials in room prefabs
  • Fixed an issue where SCP-939 couldn't see thrown grenades
  • Fixed SCP-939 being unable to see SCP-173's model through walls
  • Gate B's elevator interactable on the Surface Zone no longer leads to Gate A in the facility
  • Huge improvements to our backend systems and performance stability
  • A lot of other things we probably forgot to list!


Originally, we wanted to release this update in March of this year, in a much different world. In May, we released a public beta so that you could experience the update and have a say in its development. Now, four months past our initial release time, we're releasing it at the end of July. Suffice it to say, a release this late in the year isn't what we had planned. We lost a lot of goodwill when Megapatch 2 took so long, and we wanted to make up for it with this update, and move back towards a regular release schedule.

From all of us: we're sorry it took so long. Though an apology doesn't make up for the delay, we still mean it, and we hope that Scopophobia can be fun enough that it was worth the wait. We appreciate the continued support very much. The amount of changes in this patch is even greater than those of Megapatch 2, and we hope you're as happy with the update as we are.

Expect a patch coming soon within the next few months with refinements that we couldn't squeeze into Scopophobia, as well as changes and tweaks depending on how things go from here. After that, we'll certainly be trying to have some fun with the holidays later this year, and beyond that... well, we have ideas.

In the meantime, enjoy what we've made together... and don't look behind you.

24 December 2019 v9.1.3

This update includes a few Christmas voice phrases for the C.A.S.S.I.E. system, including a new MTF entrance announcement. Happy Holidays!

21 December 2019 v9.1.0

*For the full article including images please click the link above.

Megapatch 2's launch has been very successful, and with the continued hotfixes, we've gotten it to a stable spot. Now that the patch has had a few weeks to ferment, we'd like to release a "postmortem" patch - a small update with tweaks, balancing, and features based on what we didn't have time for as well as what we feel would be healthy for the game to cement the new features.

Enter the Megapatch Minipatch - our postmortem for MP2. Over the past few weeks, we've decided on the following changes, and we're eager to see how they play out.

Map Updates: While we're happy with the current map setup in MP2, there are some small flaws that have persisted due to the age of some rooms, as well as some rushed things that we didn't have time to polish out. As part of Minipatch, we wanted to iron out those kinks for a smoother game experience.

  • Tweaked the lighting and font on the MicroHID armory's ticker sign
  • Added some new furniture in the MicroHID armory
  • Hired a technician to finally fix the flickering light in the MicroHID armory
  • Moved the workstation in the T-cross armory
  • Ammo in the T-cross armory now spawns on a table
  • Added elevator music, the most important feature of the year

Procedural Decoration: One of the lesser-known features that shipped with Megapatch 2 is the "clutter system." In short, the system allows certain props and static objects to generate under certain conditions - such as during a holiday. Using this system, we're able to implement holiday decorations throughout the map that will intelligently spawn during the correct time frame, and won't spawn when they're not needed.
Halloween decorations exist in the game code, and will spawn during October - but for Minipatch, we've also implemented recurring holiday decorations that automatically spawn throughout December. If you're feeling festive, hop into a match and take a look around! While we like to do larger events for holidays too, these recurring decorations let the holiday spirit happen in-game - even when we aren't able to make a unique event for it in time. Balance: While MP2 has been fermenting, our feedback team and developers have been keeping a close eye on the continued balance of the game, and how the new changes have affected the meta. With that in mind, we've decided on the following changes to the game to try and make it more fun for everyone.

"Developer's Note: Hey, remember me? I'm the developer's note guy! This is where we put our design insights and thoughts concerning what went into balance changes. If you're curious about our rationale, look for these blocks."


* Base movement speed increased from 10 m/s to 12.5 m/s * Movement speed now increases more linearly from lost health

173 didn't get touched in the balance wave of 9.0.0 - this was because we couldn't decide on how best to balance it out, or how 173 would interact with the new items or SCPs. As it stands, 173 suffers from a lack of consistency, largely in part due to its predictable movement and lack of proper power increase.

"To try to improve consistency, 173's base move speed has received a significant buff — it now moves fast enough to go through tesla gates without taking damage, as long as it's not being observed. Previously, 173's movement speed increased in tiers - for instance, from 40% to 60% health, its speed remained the same. In 9.1, 173’s speed now directly increases with any lost health, which makes its threat level proportional to its lost health, rather than having empty chunks of health thresholds."


* HP regen now ramps up to 2 per second, up from 1.4 per second * Effectively restores 45 HP over its duration, up from about 30

"Painkillers are the weakest medical item, and intended to be the most plentiful in lockers. While their intended niche was topping off minor wounds, it became clear that this was their only use, and that they were too weak in any other area. To compensate for this, their HP regen was buffed, which should give them more use in combat and when you're badly hurt."


* Time required to enter rage now varies depending on player count, with roughly triple current values at 1 player and unchanged from current at 20 players or above * Jump height is increased by 50% while in rage

"096's backend changes meant that his values were constant - rage duration, time he had to be observed, and cooldown time. While this was better from a code perspective, it meant that 096 consistently terrorized low-population servers, where there aren't enough people to effectively take him down.''
Increasing the time players can look at 096 in lower-population servers should make it less completely dominant on these servers while not affecting its balance negatively on servers of typical size. With the change to its jump height, 096 should also be able to pose a threat to targets hiding out of reach, which previously felt silly given 096's capabilities and lethality."[EXPERIMENTAL] Sinkholes: This feature was originally intended for Megapatch 2, but due to time constraints and tough-to-fix bugs, it was cut from the final release. Since we haven't had time to extensively refine this feature, but have managed to get it working, we've included it in Minipatch.
Sinkholes are SL's first environmental hazard. LCZ intersections may appear with a large splotch of corrosion in the center. Moving around the edges of this sinkhole causes no negative effects; however, walking through the center will slow you down!

These are intended to spruce up chases and diversify the map by adding an occasional hazard that players need to be aware of. SCPs are immune to the sinkhole's effects.

Because these are experimental, they don't spawn by default. Server owners can change a new gameplay config setting, sinkhole_spawn_chance, that determines an intersection's chance to spawn a sinkhole. There's also a config setting controlling how much the sinkholes slow by, defaulting at 30 and ranging in config between 1 and 99, called sinkhole_slow_amount. These numbers correspond to a percentage chance - an entry of 25, for instance, corresponds to a 25% chance for each intersection to spawn a sinkhole.

Other Changes:

  • Added an AFK kicker that will kick players from the server if they don't move from their spawn position within an allotted time period. This only affects spawn positions, and for 079, it checks selected camera rather than position. A new admin permission exists to grant exemption from the kicker - AFKImmunity - and the kicker's timeframe is controlled by a new config entry - afk_time - defaulting to 90 seconds; setting the time to 0 seconds will disable the kicker entirely
  • Added gameplay configs to configure the max amount of NTF or CI can spawn in a squad, ranging from 2 to 50 and defaulting to 15; the entries are maximum_MTF_respawn_amount and maximum_CI_respawn_amount respectively
  • Added a config option to place escaped players' items into their new inventory, respecting item limits and capacity; entry name is items_in_inv_after_escaping, defaults to false
  • Added an Easter egg to the animated menu


  • Fixed item durability not carrying over when players escape, causing things like the HID to empty completely
  • Fixed some doors in Heavy Containment using the LCZ model - doors with access requirements remain with the model, as it appears visibly reinforced and more modern
  • Fixed a missing light in 4-way Entrance Zone intersections
  • Fixed the MP7's suppressor attachment erroneously reducing damage by 20% instead of 10%

4 December 2019 v9.0.3

Another hotfix fresh from the oven. Things are mostly stable with the patch, but we've still got some polishing and quality-of-life fixes to wrap up. 9.0.3 includes the following stuff from our programmers:

  • Serversided SCP-173 and SCP-096's hitmarkers
  • Added a client command ('rc' or 'reconnect') to rejoin the last server you've played on
  • Added a client command ('togglenoclip') that does what it says on the tin; noclip must be enabled before use
  • Disabled headbob while noclipping
  • Added the 914_mode server config option, which configures how SCP-914 behaves
  • Optimized movement sync
  • Fixes SCP-106's grab applying corrosion to invincible players but not teleporting them
  • Fixes players being unable to die on some servers
  • Fixes spectator camera turning black when the spectated player dies
  • Fixes 049-2 interfering with 079's automatic recontainment
  • Fixes chase music being played while 079 uses a speaker
  • Fixes voice chat triggering while RA or the game console is open
  • Fixes players not dying to the warhead while they have artificial health
  • Fixes heads behaving abnormally when switching spectated player
  • Fixes inconsistent shot registration against players wearing SCP-268

30 November 2019 v9.0.2

We've created another hotfix for some of the networking issues introduced by our new backend systems. Our programming teams have found and patched in the following:

  • Improves server stability on servers with more than 20 players.
  • Fixes the server list deserializing improperly for Czech players.
  • Possibly fixes multiple instances of the same player appearing in one match.
  • Fixes being unable to kick players.
  • Fixes the Alpha Warhead control room not opening after the warhead detonates.

30 November 2019 v9.0.1

We've been working to fix some of the issues that 9.0.0 came with. This is version 9.0.1, the first formal hotfix for the patch, including fixes for the biggest problems that have cropped up in the hours after launch. Our programmers have found and patched the following issues:

  • Fixes the in-game pause menu not freeing up the player's cursor; this issue was patched in a small hotfix prior to 9.0.1, but it's incuded here for the record
  • Fixes voice cards appearing below the fade-out screen during round-end
  • Fixes the report button not working when the player list was long enough to show a scroll bar
  • Fixes radio chat having spatialization and falling off with distance like normal chat
  • Fixes missing hallways in the Heavy Containment Zone
  • Fixes towards broken doors in the Heavy Containment Zone

As a reminder, the radio is now accessed with the V key - this means you can have your radio on but speak over proximity chat separately. The key's binding is "Alt. Voice Chat" in the keybindings menu, so feel free to rebind it to something you prefer.

29 November, 2019 v9.0.0 Megapatch Part II

*For the full article including videos/images please click the link above.

Changelog: New Lockers

Though it doesn't sound that exciting, our new locker system is definitely a significant improvement that will drastically change how rounds play out. This is the reason why we are putting it at the top of this changelog. With our new system, more items can be found on the map, so the players don't have to rely that much on SCP-914 and their spawning inventories. This change is even more principal by the fact that we have added, reworked and re-balanced many of the items in the game.

One of the most important changes is that all Class-D and Scientists no longer spawn with ammunition, so the pistol in LCZ will only have 12 bullets and can be used as a "fast and effective tool to increase your trading skills" instead of being a killing machine.

Wall-mounted Medkit

• Amount: random (between 3-5)
• Keycard required: none
• Possible spawn positions: nearly 30 different walls of LCZ and HCZ
• Loot: First Aid Kits

Bulletproof Locker №7 (a.k.a. "Pedestal")

• Amount: random (between 4-8)
• Keycard required: Major Scientist, Senior Guard or better
• Possible spawn positions: 10 different places in LCZ and HCZ
• Loot: new SCP Items

Standard Locker

• Amount: 3 + 50% for the fourth one
• Keycard required: none
• Possible spawn positions: 8 different places in LCZ and EZ
• Loot: keycards, flashlights, medical items, other generic items

Weapon Locker Type 21

• Amount: 1
• Keycard required: Armory 2 Access (Senior Guard or better)
• Possible spawn positions: either Alpha Warhead armory or SCP-049's armory
• Loot: grenades, ammo, tablets, pistols, SMGs, disarmers, medkits, etc

MTF-E11-SR Rack

• Amount: 1
• Keycard required: Armory 2 Access (Senior Guard or better)
• Possible spawn positions: either Alpha Warhead armory or SCP-049's armory
• Loot: one MTF-E11-SR and five magazines (125 bullets in total)

Inventory limitsIn Megapatch II, all items have been categorized and the amount of items of the same category will have limitations. This also applies to the ammunition. The limits depend on the item category and the player's class.

Treatment System Rework

Believe it or not, the current treatment system has not been changed since its release, so it is a good opportunity to introduce a thorough rework of it. We have added more medical items and new mechanics. Let's see what's new!

As you can see, the medkit model has changed, and there are two additional consumable healing items. All of them have different effects, so let's explain some of the terminology:

  • Time of administering - specifies how long it takes to use a certain item; in other words, it determines how much you need to wait for the applying animation to finish
  • Instant health - specifies how many health points you're going to get right after the administering animation is finished
  • Regeneration - quite self-explanatory; a slow increase of health over a set time
  • Artificial health - it is an additional health bar that temporarily stores "AHP" ("artificial health points"). AHP slowly decays over time and serves as a shield that absorbs 70% of any damage

With those defined, let's talk about the items themselves:

  • Medkit - 65 instant health, 4 seconds to administer
  • Painkillers - Only 5 instant health, but can be administered almost immediately (0.5s) and initiates a very slow regeneration process, that can give an additional 25-30 health after approximately 30 seconds
  • Adrenaline - Can be administered as fast as the painkillers and it adds 50 artificial health. Additionally, it initiates a quick regeneration process that can heal up to 55 HP. It is currently the most powerful medical item (except for SCP-500, which we will talk about later)

New SCP items

In Megapatch II we have added 4 new consumable SCP items. All of them spawn in pedestals. Let's make a quick overview of them!

  • SCP-268 - This is my personal favorite - its potential has been presented in our Megapatch II Official Trailer. This is a hat that makes its wearer invisible for a couple of seconds. Even though the trailer was scripted, we have had multiple similar situations during the beta tests. As you probably suspect, to balance it out we needed to add some limitations; for instance, it does not affect SCP-939 or SCP-079, and other players can still try blind-shooting you. While invisible, you cannot perform any interactions, such as shooting, opening doors, clicking elevator buttons, throwing grenades, etc. - doing so will immediately end the invisibility.
  • SCP-018 A bouncy ball that increases its speed at each bounce. After a couple of seconds, it becomes so fast that it can deal damage and destroy windows or doors. When it reaches its maximum speed, it will explode like a grenade after a short time, dealing additional damage to everyone nearby. It is proven to be very effective in small rooms.
  • SCP-500 - The panacea. It removes all negative status effects and is treated as the fourth medical item, as it is able recover your full health and it initiates a quick regeneration if you happen to get hit after using it.
  • SCP-207 - In the game, it increases your movement speed, but it also slowly drains your health. SCP-500 will cancel the effect early.

"Mass spectroscopy and chemical tests have shown higher than usual concentrations of caffeine and sugars (both natural and artificial), along with [REDACTED]. The practical effect of this is when a subject drinks SCP-207-1, they will effectively no longer require sleep or rest, nor attempt to sleep or rest. This effect is not lessened by any soporific or medication yet tested on test subjects."In the game, it increases your movement speed, but it also slowly drains your health. SCP-500 will cancel the effect early.

Micro H.I.D. rework The model isn't the only thing that has changed, we have also changed the mechanics. The old MicroHID could be fired only once and the shot wasn't able to be canceled - once you pressed the left mouse button, you couldn't stop it until the whole energy is drained or someone kills you. The new Micro however, can store a variable amount of energy - you can use it all at once, or you can split it into multiple shots. Additionally, you can hold the right mouse button to keep the Micro ready to fire without actually firing it, though this drains energy at a slow rate. It might sound confusing at first, but the video should clarify everything.

Gun-related:*Weapons now show attachments while on the ground, even ammo counter attachment will show how many bullets are in the gun

  • Class-D and Scientists no longer start with ammunition. It is still possible to find the pistol, but it won't end up with death of all representatives of the other team
  • Guns and ammunition spawn in more places
  • Many attachments were buffed or weakened, depending on how often they are used
  • Project90 was strongly buffed and it is now more similar to MTF-E11-SR with a short-range setup
  • Changed all MTF-E11-SR sights and scopes, so they have a cooler effect (more on that in our devlog)

SCP changes:

  • SCP-106
    • Movement speed increased to 6 m/s (was 5.6 m/s)
    • Attack cooldown increased to 2 seconds (was 1 second)
    • Attack cooldown only activates on a successful hit
    • Pocket Dimension damage ramps up over time on targets who longer there
    • Targets can’t sprint in the Pocket Dimension
  • SCP-049
    • Movement speed increased to 5.6 m/s (was 5.2 m/s)
    • Successful kills activate a 1.5-second cooldown
    • Greatly increased how long a body can be dead for before resurrection is no longer possible (now 10 seconds)
    • Resurrection can now be performed regardless of cause of death
    • Resurrection time decreased to 7 seconds (was 10 seconds)
    • Resurrection time no longer decreases with lost HP
    • Introduced a text notification when attempting to revive players after their bodies are no longer usable
    • Tweaked the HUD icon displayed while reviving players
  • SCP-049-2
    • HP reduced to 300 (was 400)
    • Damage per hit reduced to 40 (was 60)
    • Movement speed increased to 6.5 m/s (was 6 m/s)
    • Attack wind-up sped up to 0.2s (was 0.65s)
    • Attack speed and wind-up are no longer dependent on health
    • 1s cooldown on all attacks remains in place
  • SCP-939-xx
    • Removed 25% speed boost when damaged
    • Sprint speed increased to 7 m/s (was 6.5 m/s)
    • Walking footsteps are silent; sprinting footsteps remain audible
  • SCP-096
    • Now plays a new sound on kill
    • Triggering time was decreased by 30%
  • SCP-079
    • Recontainment sequence now begins automatically if 079 is the final SCP alive
    • Now receives half kill experience when it assists in SCP-106 capturing a player
    • Activation time of generators was reduced to 1 minute and 5 seconds.
    • Generators can now be unlocked by a card with armory level 2
    • Interface changes: some icons are grouped, more customizability in game options.

Room design:

  • The greenhouse has returned (officially presented in our trailer); it also features a door to a small room where random lockers have a chance to spawn
  • Fixed some missing lights in SCP-914’s room
  • Touched up the locked doors in the Class-D cells
  • As previously mentioned, added more lockers and items scattered throughout the facility
  • Added winning art entries from the 2018 art contest to the back of the Class-D cells
  • Fixed several instances of missing geometry throughout the map
  • Implemented new models and textures for server racks
  • SCP-106’s control room doors now close automatically after a few seconds (works like a checkpoint)
  • Added colliders to several spots to prevent exploiting room geometry, such as the windows on SCP-106’s containment chamber or the pillars in 939’s
  • SCP-012’s research supervisor card has been replaced with a zone manager card
  • SCP-096’s commander card has been replaced with a lieutenant card
  • The server room’s cadet keycard has been replaced with a scientist card
  • Multiple generators can now spawn in the same room

Disarmer Changes

The disarmer has undergone some important changes that we would like to share with you. First things first, inspired by many community-made mods, we have added a system that changes cuffed Class-D into Cadets once they escape. Escorted Class-D will now count like escorted Scientists, so even if all Scientists are dead, you can still try to cuff and escort a D-boy. The same situation applies to Chaos Insurgents, that can cuff and escort Scientists to count them as Class-D. This system can be disabled in the server config if someone soulless thinks that D-boys are supposed to die. Because they are.

Other than that, other people can now see you holding a disarmer, and you cannot cuff someone who's holding any item. This way, cuffing people isn't a way to attack, but a mutual agreement. Cuffed players will see a HUD indicator and they won't be able to interact with elevators, doors and items.

Miscellaneous Changes Megapatch II also includes a number of small changes and other improvements that aren't always noticeable in-game, but are still significant.

  • Added a new UI menu that shows basic information about the player’s active class, abilities, and role, bound to F1 by default
  • Default starting inventories for some classes have been revised
    • All NTF will no longer spawn with flashbangs
    • Cadets will now start with a medkit and a disarmer
    • Commanders will now start with adrenaline
    • C.I. will start with painkillers and a medkit
  • Added a new mechanic, mentioned earlier, called artificial health, which provides a buffer against damage taken
    • Granted by consumable items
    • 70% of damage taken will be absorbed by artificial health
    • If damage fully depletes artificial health, excess damage is dealt to normal health
    • Artificial health decays by roughly 1 point per second and caps at 75
  • Re-added blood decals
  • C.A.S.S.I.E. has had some changes for MP2:
    • It now features random audio glitching and hiccups to improve atmosphere
    • Recontainment messages are reworded and modified, they provide much more information on the details of SCP deaths; for instance, when an SCP is killed by a non-NTF class, they’re described as “terminated” instead of “recontained”
    • The announcements now reduce the volume of all other sounds while it is playing, instead of being excessively loud
    • The amount of recordings in our word base has increased dramatically, mod creators and server providers should have much more freedom in making custom phrases for their servers
  • Flashbangs no longer affect the person who threw them
  • Almost all translations have received major updates
  • Speaking over the radio now has a different key than speaking normally (bound to V by default)
  • The player list now features an in-game report system next to the mute button and profile feature; reports filed here will be stored on our servers for our global moderators to look over
  • The main menu’s music and post-processing have been updated. It also features separate volume sliders and a submenu to customize gameplay preferences
  • Credits have been updated
  • Added new sounds for containment chamber blast doors
  • New remote admin commands:
    roundlock, which prevents the round from ending while active (also has the shorthand rl or rlock)
    lobbylock, which pauses the pre-round lobby countdown (shorthand is ll or llock)
    ping ID, so admins can see somebody else's ping
    roundtime, which tells you how long the round lasts (shorthand rt or rtime)
  • Players drop their ammo and items when they escape
  • Added interpolated command system to server name and player list in order to insert live data into the respective fields
  • All of SMod's name variables have been adopted into command form
  • Basic command sets have been implemented, such as mathematical and logical operations
  • The pre-match lobby has a new appearance
  • The Pocket Dimension has new lighting and ambience
  • SCP-939’s mimicking no longer plays over SCP chat
  • SCP-914 has been re-balanced and it now includes all items
  • Glass shaders have been reworked to look nicer
  • Glass in SCP-049’s armory is now breakable
  • Mug™
  • Optimized The Chair of Lag

16 December, 2018 Open Beta v8.0.0 Megapatch Part I


Return of SCP-079

SCP-079 is back with some new abilities and toys to play with! Please note, that SCP-079's development isn't finished yet . We have to collect feedback to make a solid plan of the further development. Movement - 079 can now use 3 modes to move around, which are: Map - activated with tab, allows 079 to click on rooms and move there WASD - changes with your camera rotation, for example, W will move you to the camera in front of you Clicking cameras - the old way of doing things, 079 can just click the camera icons to move to his next location 079’s HUD - completely reworked, including more necessary information Ability usage - SCP-079 now uses a power called “Auxiliary Power” that recharges over time, it works like mana, that can be used to activate 079's abilities Experience - can be earned by performing actions or simply assisting human kills. Leveling up increases the AP regeneration and unlocks new abilities. Camera movement modes - There are 2 ways of rotating (looking around) your cameras, switchable using spacebar. Tesla gates - SCP-079 can now use tesla gates to his advantage, by using a single instant burst instead of a massive overcharge; practically, we've found it much more efficient than the previous one Locking doors - now instead of a constant time, the door will be indefinitely locked with a constant power decay until 079 presses right-click or runs out of Aux Power. New ability - 079 can now shut down all the power in a room, turning off the lights and locking the doors. Zone-specific camera models, that actually rotate, and tell you if SCP-079 is looking at you. Elevators - 079 can send an elevator up/down to disadvantage his enemies. New recontainment system - There are five generators placed all around the HCZ. These will power up 079 each time they are turned on. However, if all are turned on, a mini-event will occur, where 079 begins to be "fried" out of the facility hardware, gaining a lot of power temporarily before dying. These generators require Weapon Manager Tablets to operate.

Weapon System Changes

New weapon: USP A new "tool" for those pesky Class D's! We've added a USP gun, that can hold a couple more attachments than the previous pistol! Beware though, only one will spawn and hold its true glory.

Weapon attachment changes

Get ready with those tablets, weapon attachments are now persistent. What does this mean?, you may be thinking.

Any weapons dropped by fellow players will retain the attachments that player had set on them. Fancy an E-11 with a scope, while wanting a Red Dot sight for CQC? Now you can! (Just be sure to pick, or modify the carefully 'obtained' second rifle!) You now need to hold the weapon you wish to modify.

General improvements We’ve also balanced the attachments, improved holo sight effects, and E-11 SR shaders.

General changes

C.A.S.S.I.E. - announces more detailed information about SCP deaths, telling what killed it specifically (i.e. kill by a Tesla Gate, Warhead detonation, etc). Major Scientist keycard - can open checkpoints now! Respawn system - has had a few tweaks and changes to improve the queue and way it decides who will spawn in each wave. Spectators chances to respawn increase with the awaiting time. New Permission Manager - allows you to control and set in-game roles via RA. (Use with command PM) Broadcast/bc command - allows you to send a message to all players through the Remote Admin! Hiding UI - You can now hide the UI! Do so by pressing “P”. Engine, Steam & Voice Chat Update - General updates to our systems have been made, and stability of the voice chat has been improved.


Thanks to your feedbacks, here are the bugs that got fixed in this release: -1HP/One shot bug on self-hosted servers fixed Fall damage in 106 room when exiting the Pocket Dimention fixed Playerlist was sometimes shown empty. Fixed Fall damage when gliding against a surface fixed Fall damage in elevators when jumping fixed MicroHID locking the inventory fixed Standing on a locker's door in the Entrance zone won't trigger the anti-cheat anymore The janitor card can now be given through the Give Item command

7 September, 2018 Open Beta v7.4.0


  • Interface rework - - New inventory, healthbar, in-game menu and player list!
  • Support for more aspect ratios - Including 21:9 and 5:4!
  • Elevator buttons - Nothing important but.. it's still something! It looks better and shows the current status of the elevator.
  • - the tool for server owners; some bug fixes and other improvements. For example: added some visual improvements, added "Enter" key functionality, added large data printer (using QR code), further details in "player info" command, teleportation commands, intercom events, server-wide mutes or intercom mutes.
  • Changed grenades mechanics - now you can break more doors, even if you don't have a proper keycard.
  • Security improvements - footsteps & fall damage were moved to the server-side code, which means it is no longer possible to make cheats related to these features. We also made a simple fly-hack anti-cheat.
  • Overall server logging improvements.
  • Added an option to hide global badges by default on your server.
  • Fixed a glitch that made glass & blood invisible.
  • Overall C.A.S.S.I.E. improvements - changed some effects and expanded the word base.
  • Added more breakable windows and doors.
  • Performance improvements - we adjusted some default settings, in my case I got about 30% more frames per second.

9 August, 2018 Open Beta v7.3.01


  • CASSIE improvements - a lot of people were complaining about the pronunciation of the numbers (for instance: tree instead of three). Well, you weren’t wrong. In Secret Lab we were trying to utilize phonetic numbers for the sake of continuity

You can read about the phonetic numbers here:

However, due to community disagreements, we decided to record the numbers again with normal pronunciation.

  • Remote Admin improvements:
    • Bypass mode now allows you to override the Intercom's cooldown and max speech time.
    • Added GUI for gamemode, heal and lockdown commands
    • Added unban and hp commands in Text-Based RA
    • Added GUI for server events
    • Admins can now see hidden badges
    • Added more detailed player info (REQUEST_DATA PLAYER X)

Fixed common glitches and improved the stability of the game

7 August, 2018 Open Beta v7.3.0


  • New PA Announcements - removed the Containment Breach' MTF-NTF announcements and replaced them with a new and improved ‘PA’ system, titled CASSIE (Central Autonomic Service System for Internal Emergencies).
  • CASSIE will announce the specific division that spawns (ex. Foxtrot-12, Echo-07) and will detect the number of currently alive and/or uncontained SCPs within the facility. CASSIE also announces the death of any SCP (ex. "SCP One Zero Six contained successfully. Containment unit: Quebec-19")
  • Audio Ducking - the previous announcements were substantially loud, and often drowned out any other sounds in the game. This update introduces some well needed ‘audio ducking’, of which simply quietens other sounds that would otherwise be overwhelmed by a larger source. Thanks to that, overall volume and balance should be far better.
  • Laser Adjustment – The Laser attachment has been slightly modified to be far more convenient amidst other attachments. Lasers are now also less noticeable to other players.
  • Corrected Elevator Teleportation - Self-Explanatory - you can now throw a grenade (or any other item) inside the elevator, and it will teleport correctly with the rest of the players, as opposed to it disappearing outright.
  • SCP-914 Refreshes Item Durability/Usage - You can now recharge the radios, MicroHID and reload your guns at no cost. Just refine them on any of the ‘fine’ settings within SCP-914.
  • Breakable Glass! – You can now access the greenhouse in LCZ and break glass in SCP-372’s containment chamber. Because realism!
  • SCP-173 & SCP-096 Improvements – Following our findings in our recent game survey, we found that the community felt strongly that these SCPs were the weakest. We've adjusted some parameters, and hopefully made them somewhat more formidable amidst their stronger counterparts.
  • Texture Settings – You can now limit the resolution of in-game textures, which can improve performance on low-end PCs significantly.
  • Reworked the MTF-E11-SR Visuals - added more attachments (gyroscopic stabilizer, sniper barrel) as well a far better model with high quality textures. Weapon stats are the same for the most part. The new model is based on the HK416 / HK417.

13 July, 2018 Open Beta v7.2.0


Visual Improvements:

  • Changed the 'Color Space' from 'Gamma' to 'Linear' - in a brief - transition between colors in the game is now a way better.
  • A new bloom effect
  • Changed the post-processing settings.
  • Brought back the Warhead red lights.

Common bug fixes

5 July, 2018 Open Beta v7.1.0


  • Flashlight toggle - now you can disable your weapon flashlight without having to use the workstations!
  • Door bugfixes - automatic door locking system had some issues, we fixed them all!
  • Decontamination visual improvements - we've added some animations & gas, to make it more meaningful. Now you can also hear a warning, in the entire Facility, about the last minute.

1 July, 2018 Open Beta v7.0.0


  • Engine update - we're now on version 2018.1.5 and as such, the game should contain fewer engine-related bugs and other issues.
  • On-screen hit indicators - Your screen will be covered in blood depending on your health and the direction from which you're being shot.
  • Workstations - Weapon Manager Tablet no longer has the ability to adjust your weapon attachments. Instead of that, there are many workstations in the Facility. However, you still need a WM-Tablet in order to make them operational.
  • More weapon attachments - suppressor for MP7 and ammo counters are now available. Ammo counters are attachable displays that show how much ammo you have.
  • Ability to drop ammo using the Weapon Manager Tablet - you can specify the type of ammo and the quantity.
  • New room in Light Containment Zone - added a Garden Chamber. It's a greenhouse-hallway with some plants around.
  • Voicechat stability improvements! Some issues with the microphone can still occur, but voice chat is not crashing in the middle of the round.
  • SCP-939 added - currently there are two variations of the model. I don't want to say too much about them. I want you to find out yourself how they work. I can advise you to be quiet when you see them.
  • SCP-106 visual rework! - the previous model was... not good enough. What do you think about the new one?
  • Tesla Gates are back - we know you love them as much as we do!

9 June, 2018 Open Beta v6.2.0


  • Optimisation - Game is now compiled in 64bit
  • Performance fixes - the frame rate should increase
  • Weapon manager fixes - the game will remember your weapons customization
  • SCP-173 is more durable - increased its HP from 2000 to 3200
  • New summary screen - looks better and shows who won
  • Death info screen - a special screen that shows who killed you
  • Other bug fixes - elevators, radios, badges and other stuff
  • Overwatch mode - type "OVR" in the RA console to disable respawning of chosen user - useful for admins.
  • Server Roles improvements - ability to change user's server role by RA command ("setgroup")

28 May, 2018 Open Beta v6.0.1


  • Updated the Unity Engine to version 2018.1, so there are fewer engine-dependent bugs.
  • Temporarily removed blood - in this update (for unknown reason) our Decal System solution was causing a lot of frame drops and rendering time was increased twice.
  • CanvasRaycast fixes - I don't need to explain this - you won't understand because of my English anyway :)

27 May, 2018 Open Beta v6.0.0


  • Light Containment Zone hallways overhaul - each room and hallway now has its own ID tag that helps with navigating.
  • Post-processing effects changes - game should look nicer now.
  • Weapon System major overhaul - all fusion/plasma/laser/sci-fi weapons have been replaced with modern, realistic ones.

We also added a tabled called "Weapon Manager" that allows you to customize your stuff.

  • Facility Guard - a new player class. Facility Guards spawn in the Entrance Zone and replace the first wave of Nine-Tailed Fox. They are weak armed forces. In theory they should reduce the problem where SCPs and MTFs are getting into the LCZ killing D-bois too fast. Guards should meet SCPs in the middle of the way and give people in LCZ additional time.
  • Fast Menu Mode - nothing to explain! Loads faster, works faster, round-restarts faster - it is just faster!

Bugfixes, security and other internal technical features:

  • Remote Admin security improvements - now you can assign SteamIDs instead of passwords.
  • Changed the config style, now it is corresponding with YAML standard.
  • Reduced T-posing
  • Anit-Cheat improvements: flying, teleporting and no-clipping is now impossible in most cases.

3 May, 2018 Open Beta v5.1.1


  • Minor bugfixes.

2 May, 2018 v5.1.0


  • Remote Admin Features:
    • Better Query Compression - Remote Admin will stop ignoring requests.
    • GUI minor redesign
    • Text-based mode - If you want to access more commands, you can use the Text-Based Remote Admin (T.B.R.A. mode).
    • Custom Commands support - Now you can modify your server in order to add your own commands.
  • Changed Bloom Effect
  • Updated Dissonance

21 April, 2018 v5.0.0


  • Decontamination process - The Light Containment Zone will automatically close after 15 minutes from the start of the round. This should limit the amount of D-Bois prolonging the game and kill every SCP trapped in locked rooms.
  • Class-specific ragdolls - Each class now has its own dead body, instead of zombie-like ragdoll.
  • New warhead detonation announcer - A lot of people asked for a male announcer.
  • Blood
  • It is possible to close alpha warhead doors again - But they open permanently after the detonation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Intel crashes significantly minimalized!
  • Voice Chat crashes also minimalized!
  • ESC closes the game console
  • Other SCPs cannot recontain SCP-106
  • Main Menu Theme has been slightly refined
  • Spectator fixes - the list refreshes itself automatically and you can't see the spectating player's head in your camera.

Technical Features:

  • Ban system reworked (using Steam ID instead of Hardware ID, new storage format).
  • Added whitelist
  • Automatic port forwarding by UPnP.
  • Forwarded server console to game console, when server is not dedicated.
  • Server verification fixes.
  • Anticheat improvements.

24 March, 2018 v4.0.0


  • Configurable warheads - the server owner can decide how much time it should take to detonation - from 70 seconds to even 2 minutes.
  • Optimization - we've purchased a great asset with money earned from Patreon (btw, thank you to all our supporters!). It's a dynamic occlusion culling script, that in my case gave me +36% FPS.
  • MTF or CI respawn now block in some cases (ex. after warhead detonation)
  • We also started a LCZ overhaul - currently there's only a single room of that type - but we will add more of them during the updates!

17 March, 2018 v3.1.0


  • New, more optimized and less bugged Spectator with list of alive players
  • Fixed some bugs

3 March, 2018 - Open Beta v3.0.0

Additions & Fixes:

  • SCP-096 - the Shy Guy!
  • Alpha Warhead redesign - new voice actor & mechanics.
  • Minor SCP-049-2 (zombie) improvements - increased damage and attack speed.
  • SCP-914 recipes change
  • New outside lighting
  • Inventory code protection improvements - no item-spawning cheaters!
  • Server roles - now dev staff & Patreon supporters receive a colored badges.

18 February, 2018 - Open Beta v1.1.0A


  • Minor bugfixes.

17 February, 2018 – Open Beta v1.1.0

Additions & Fixes:

  • The Translation Tool - you can duplicate the "English (default)" folder, change its name and create your own translation! Cyrillic is currently not supported.
  • Stairway before the SCP-173 chamber. We know you miss them!
  • More NTLG's atlases – more level randomness!
  • Minor HCZ rooms models redesign, few of them are now more compact.
  • Alpha Warhead glitch fixed.

11 February, 2018 – v1.0.2


  • New soundtracks for HCZ, outside, SCP chase and being alone for a long time.


  • Voice Chat bugfixes.
  • More map fixes. Should fix more of the "accordion" effect on rooms collapsing into each other.

8 February, 2018 – Open Beta v1.0.0

Major Features:

  • Completely new map generator! Get lost in the facility every round, you foolish D-Classes!
  • New door models + information about the required levels of permissions. We’re finally diversifying, hail the doors! (Or cry, when they deny you access.)
  • Custom footsteps for different classes. I’d run if you hear 106.
  • New server browser system – working “server info”, number of players, less risk of bypassing the security. IT’S HAPPENING, CALM DOWN!
  • Remote Admin update - much faster and friendlier.
  • SCP-079 temporary removal – It’s awaiting the new overhaul with some SSD disks, yum.
  • Optimization! Less lag, more fun!
  • New flashlight model. Shine into your friend’s face because you’re an inherent bad boy!
  • Server name filters.

24 January, 2018 – v0.4.2


  • Slightly improved code protection & optimization. Everybody gets protection!
  • Linux support. Penguin lovers unite!
  • Server Info – now you can add rules, links and other news to be visible on the server browser. Finally, we don’t have to read everything in a steam discussion anymore…

16 January, 2018 – v0.4.1

Major change: Updated Dedicated Server Control Panel;

  • Name changed from "Server Manager" to "Local Admin".
  • Servers are now protected from crashes! Those damn bugs are being shaken off...
  • You can now host dual (more than one!) servers. Double trouble!
  • The Local Admin Panel has a friendly UI and is user-oriented.

Minor features;

  • Minor redesign of the main menu with some added details. Spot the changes and... There's nothing to win!
  • Ability to change the server ports. Now you can run it on 106, 173, 079, er... Wait, that can't be right.
  • Micro HID and Positron Grenades fixed. They now deal damage again.
  • Fixed server lag when recontaining SCP-106! You can now put him back in that cage, where he belongs, without fear of being punished for it by the server!


  • For all you Penguin lovers out there, we have good news! Linux server support is coming soon!

8 January, 2018 – v0.3.1


  • Pocket Dimension works again
  • Reduced loudness of Chaos Insurgency van
  • Fixed "flying bullet holes"
  • The damage system should be now more reliable
  • Tutorial #2 "Shooting" works again

7 January, 2018 – v0.3.0


  • Remote Admin - an ingame password-protected control panel where you are able to manage your server (press M to open).
  • New Chaos Insurgency van with new engine SFX.
  • Part of the HUD now displays the player who is currently talking in game. (thanks, Dracorax (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ)


  • Improved code security - making cheats is more difficult.

Other Changes:

  • Website - You may access the website here created by GlorifiedPig.

31 December, 2017 – OB v0.2.1b

Major feature:

  • Got rid of random FPS drops (yay! :D)
  • Server list fix - now it shows all the available servers

Minor features:

  • MTF respawn limited to 7 players
  • Turned friendly-fire off (by default)

30 December, 2017 – OB v2.1

Minor features:

  • Now outdated servers are hidden on the list (this should fix the problem that a lot of outdated servers shows on the list)


  • Unopenable doors
  • Missing textures
  • Random crashes on round restarts

30 December, 2017 – OB v2.0

Major features:

  • The "Find match" list contains only servers which have been verified as working
  • Version control - now you can't join the outdated server.

Minor features:

  • "Don't show again" check box on beta warning screen

28 December, 2017 – Initial Release

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