The COM15 Pistol is a weapon in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which serves as a slow firing sidearm with high potential damage. It can be found in Light Containment Zone or Entrance Zone.


The COM15 serves as one of the earliest guns that escaping classes such as Class D or Scientist can obtain, due to its unique mechanic of being deposited within one of four rooms in the Light Containment Zone. Most of these rooms require no keycard to enter and obtain the pistol, allowing it to be picked up very early into the game.

The COM15 randomly spawns in one of four locations in the Light Containment Zone. PT00's armory (on a table), GR18 (in the middle of the cage), WC00 (in the male's area on a sink), or #012 (on a white table). Additionally, one is guaranteed to spawn in the Light Containment Zone armory.

The COM15 can also be obtained by using SCP-914. If a Project 90 or MP7 is put through the machine on Coarse setting.



Barrel Extensions Icon Modifier
COM15 Suppressor
Shout Loudness

Other attachments Icon Modifier
COM15 flashlight
Adds Flashlight


 Related Achievements 

  • Pew Pew!: Kill 5 enemies in less than 30 seconds.
  • ... You thinking what I'm thinking?: Find any gun as a Class-D
  • If you want something done right...: Kill an SCP as a Scientist.


  • This replaced the M1911 Pistol in Version 6.0.0
  • The COM15 bears a resemblance to the 10mm pistol from the Fallout series.
  • There are also similarities with the COM15 and the USP .45, especially when viewed with a suppressor equipped.
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