During the event of April Fools of April 1, 2018, SCP: Secret Laboratory was given a patch to change large portions of the content to joke around with the players for the holiday.

Sound changes


Roblox Death Sound Effect

The only sound change is when you die or get hurt from falling; the Roblox death sound will play, see video above.


Menu Changes

Main Menu

20180401084250 1.jpg

When the game is started up, a smiley face will greet you on the main menu.

Loading Screen

20180401091445 1.jpg

When you connect to an server, an message will appear before you enter the server:


Prepare your ass.."

Class Name Changes

Class D

20180401093235 1.jpg

The D-Class were renamed to "D-BOIIII"s and their objective splash text was replaced with the word "D-BOIZ" repeated 24 times.



The Scientists were renamed to "NERD".

Chaos Insurgency

20180401091559 1.jpg

Chaos Insurgents were renamed to "CHAOS BOI".

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 'Nine-Tailed Fox'

MTF operatives have their own names based on their roles:

E-11 Commanders were renamed to "POLICE MASTA"

E-11 Lieutenants were renamed to "POLICE BOI"

E-11 Scientists were renamed to "POLICE BOI Scientist"

E-11 Cadets were renamed to "USELESS POLICE BOI"

20180401084514 1.jpg
20180401091526 1.jpg
20180401091523 1.jpg


SCPs are now called "Spookies"

20180401092217 1.jpg

SCP-173 was renamed to "PEANUT" and its model was changed to a smaller, chubbier version of it.

SCP-106 was renamed to "T-POSE".


SCP-096 was renamed to "SADBOI" and had its model breaking upon enrage.

SCP-049's was renamed to "EBOLA-BOI".

SCP-049-2 instances were renamed as "AIRPLANE".

Other name changes

Keycard Names

Keycard names were changed too, the Facility Manager keycard is called "the red card". The O5 card is "let's blow this shit up". Scientist cards are called Nerd keycards, Major Scientist card is called UltraNerd keycard. MTF keycards are share the same name as their role, for example, the Lieutenant keycard is called "POLICE BOI" keycard, the guard keycard is called the "USELESS POLICE BOI" keycard and so on. C.I cards are called "Chaos boi card".

Item Descriptions

Some item descriptions were changed as well, the MTF rifle's description was something along the lines of "Plaz... Not plazma!" (plasma is the correct spelling), class names were also replaced, for example, the Logicer's description replaced C.I with "chaos boi".

Win Messages

In the top left corner when the game has ended, "SCPs" is replaced by "Spookies", Class-Ds and Scientists is replaced by "D-boiz" and "Nerds" respectively.

Warhead Name

The Alpha Warhead was renamed to "Nuke".

Death Message


Instead of the normal text that pops up when you die, it will say:


You noob."

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