Ammo is a type of resource found in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which is used as ammunition for the various guns in the game.

Types of Ammo

Currently, there are three different types of ammunition present in the game, along with different models to distinguish between each. They include:

Ammo Type Used By
5.56mm Epsilon-11 SR
7.62mm MP7, Logicer
9mm COM15 Pistol, Project 90, USP

Initial Ammo

Each class is granted a standard quantity of ammo at the beginning of the round and when they respawn for the three types of ammunition at varying quantities, depending on the class. As such, the base quantities of ammo for each player is:

Class 5.56mm 7.62mm 9mm
Class D 0 0 0
Scientists 0 0 0
Facility Guards 0 35 0
MTF Cadets 40 0 100
MTF Lieutenants 80 0 50
MTF Scientists 120 20 20
MTF Commanders 120 0 100
Chaos Insurgency 0 100 0

Ammo Limits

All human classes vary in limit as to how much ammo they can carry.

Ammo carrying limits can be see in the table below.

Class Ammo Limit
Class-D 5.56 mm: 80

7.62 mm: 70

9 mm: 50

Scientists 5.56 mm: 80

7.62 mm: 70

9 mm: 50

Facility Guards 5.56 mm: 160

7.62 mm: 100

9 mm: 200 

MTF 5.56 mm: 160

7.62 mm: 100

9 mm: 200 

Chaos Insurgency 5.56 mm: 80

7.62 mm: 200

9 mm: 100



When a player is killed or detained by the Disarmer, they will drop their ammunition alongside their weapons/items.

A player can obtain ammo if another player gives up some of their own by using a Weapon Manager Tablet to drop packets of any ammo type they choose as long as they have enough to make a full packet.


The Armory in the Light Containment Zone has 9mm and 7.62mm pickups.


Weapon Locker Type 21 can provide multiple pickups of all ammo types. The MTF-E11-SR Rack provides 5 5.56mm ammo pickups. The Standard Locker can provide random amounts of any ammo type.


  • Many of the weapons in the game use different calibers than they do in real life, e.g. the Logicer (Based on the Stoner LMG styles) actually uses 5.56x45 NATO.
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