The Alpha Warhead is a game mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which serves as a last-resort containment option to wipe out everything in the facility.


When detonated, the Alpha Warhead removes access to and kills all players within the Light Containment Zone, Heavy Containment Zone and Entrance Zone.

In order to detonate it, the Remote Detonation switch in the Alpha Warhead room must be switched to "ON". Next, a keycard with the Alpha Warhead privilege must be found to open the door to the Alpha Warhead Control Room on the Surface Zone and unlock the button to the Alpha Warhead Control Panel found inside.

Once the button is pressed, a 90-second timer (Default, servers can change the amount of time) will commence with an announcement, a continuously sounding siren, and all lighting in and outside the facility will become red. All doors (Excluding the Alpha Warhead Control room, SCP-106's and SCP-079's chambers) will be opened. MTF will not spawn during the countdown, if a spawn helicopter comes it will simply hover over the ground until the facility detonates or the detonation is cancelled. 

Once the timer reaches zero, the facility will detonate. The Gate A and Gate B elevators will lock with bulkheads and the elevators will be disabled. The detonation will instantly kill any human or SCP still inside the facility or an elevator when the timer runs out. SCP-079 will also be terminated by the blast, regardless of which camera it is piloting. The door to the Alpha Warhead Control room and the gate between Gate A and B will both be permanently opened.

To cancel the Alpha Warhead countdown, the "Cancel Detonation" button next to the Remote Detonation switch in the Alpha Warhead room must be pressed before there are only 10 seconds left in the countdown. Pressing this button will stop the detonation countdown and put the warhead on a short cooldown, during which the countdown timer will say "PLEASE WAIT" and C.A.S.S.I.E. will announce "Detonation cancelled, restarting systems." All doors will remain open.


Related Achievements

  • T-minus 90 seconds...: Survive a successful Alpha Warhead Detonation.
  • That was... Close.: Cancel the Alpha Warhead detonation in the last 15 seconds.


  • In the 3.1.0, the voice acting for the initial blast announcement has been changed from male to female.
    • This was later reverted back to a male announcer in the form of the C.A.S.S.I.E.
  • As of update 3.1.0, the control area in the warhead room was changed to a panel with a switch for allowing the detonation, and a button to cancel the detonation. This button will work until 10 seconds pre-detonation.
    • The warhead will also emit several special effects such as sparks and sounds seconds before detonation.
  • As of update 7.2.0, the red warhead lights during detonation were brought back.
  • During the April Fools 2019 Event, the CASSIE system would play an edited version of the typical warning about the Warhead going off, changed to be a spoof of John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads".
  • According the Ava, In SL canon, "The alpha warhead blows up only the underground parts of the facility."
  • The Light Containment Zone can still decontaminate after the Alpha Warhead detonates.
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