The Steam Achievements are a set of alternative goals in SCP: Secret Laboratory which outline various tasks and milestones for the player to achieve.

There are a combined total of 35 hidden achievements in SCP: Secret Laboratory. These achievements are listed as the following:

Icon Old Icons Title Description
GearUpBoys.jpg A 13.jpg Gear up, Boys! Respawn as Nine-Tailed Fox.
CHAOOOOSSSS.jpg A 10.jpg CHAAOOOOS! Respawn as Chaos Insurgency.
Itsalways left brothers.jpg A 12.jpg It's always left, Brothers! Escape as D-Class Personnel.
Forscience.jpg A 7.jpg For Science! Escape as a Scientist.
Friendship.jpg A 8.jpg Friendship! As a Scientist, successfully upgrade your keycard with a Class-D.
You thinking what im thinking.jpg A 2.jpg ... You thinking what I'm thinking? Find any gun as a Class-D.
Le tables have turned.jpg A 21.jpg The tables have turned... Disarm a MTF operative.
My cure is most effective.jpg A 1.jpg My cure is most effective... Cure 10 people in a single game.
Isthisyourfirsttime.jpg A 26.jpg Is this your first time? Let SCP-173 snap your neck.
Wow,really.jpg A 14.jpg Wow, really? Die in the first minute of the game.
Nani.jpg A 25.jpg NANI?! As Class-D, kill a Scientist holding a keycard.
Deepfried.jpg A 9.jpg Deep Fried Die by a Tesla gate.
Involuntaryragequit.jpg A 24.jpg Involuntary Rage-Quit Die while entering a rage as SCP-096.
Newb.jpg A 15.jpg Newb Die inside the pocket dimension.
Gravityworks here.jpg A 11.jpg Gravity works here! Die from a fall.
Look im a rocket.jpg A 5.jpg Look! I'm a Rocket! Kill yourself with a grenade
They are just resources.jpg A 19.jpg They are just resources... Kill 50 D-Class's as an MTF or a Scientist.
If yu want sumthin done right.jpg A 17.jpg If you want something done right... Kill an SCP as a Scientist.
Pew pew.jpg A 23.jpg Pew Pew! Kill 5 enemies in less than 30 seconds.
Microwave meal.jpg A 27.jpg Microwave Meal Kill an SCP with the Micro HID.
Ill pass thanks.jpg Passthx.jpg I'll Pass, Thanks As an SCP, kill someone who's charging or firing the MicroHID.
Over current.jpg OC.jpg Overcurrent Try to recharge the MicroHID.
Larryisyourfriend.jpg A 20.jpg Larry is your friend! Successfully escape from the Pocket Dimension.
Securecontainprotect.jpg A 3.jpg Secure. Contain. Protect. Successfully re-contain SCP-106.
Tminus90seconds.jpg A 16.jpg T-minus 90 seconds... Survive a successful Alpha Warhead Detonation.
That was close.jpg A 18.jpg That was... Close. Cancel the Alpha Warhead detonation in the last 15 seconds.
Escapeartist.jpg Steam escape artist.jpg Escape Artist Escape the facility in 3 minutes or under.
Property of the chaos insurgency.jpg PCI.jpg Property of the Chaos Insurgency Liberate two or more SCP objects from the facility while escaping as a Class-D.
High on the wings of caffeine.jpg Cola.jpg High on the Wings of Caffine Escape while under the effects of SCP-207.
Crisis averted.jpg Crisis Averted.jpg Crisis Averted Use SCP-500 when you're about to die.
I didnt even feel that.jpg Ha!Ididnt.jpg Ha! I didn't even feel that! Use adrenaline to survive a hit that would otherwise kill you.
Overpowered exclamationmark.jpg A 4.jpg Overpowered! Pick up an O5-Keycard.
Isthisthingon.jpg A 6.jpg Is this thing on? Broadcast a 'helpful' message via the Intercom.
Scpslhalloween.jpg Scpslhalloween.jpg Halloween! Play the Halloween version of the game.
Scpslchristmas.jpg Scpslchristmas.jpg Merry Christmas! Play the Christmas version of the game.

Unused Achievement

Icon Title Description
Roasted.png Roasted Survive a hit from a Tesla Gate as an SCP.


  • There are typos within the achievements.
  • The new Icons were made by Ventpixel and K0vac.
  • The 'I'll Pass, Thanks' achievement picture is a reference to the Batman slapping Robin meme.
    • The 'High on the Wings of Caffeine' achievement picture is a reference to the 'Winners Don't Use Drugs' anti-drug slogan.
    • The 'Ha! I didn't even feel that!' achievement picture appears to be a reference to this picture.
  • The old 'Look! I'm a Rocket!' achievement icon uses the removed Positronic Grenade, instead of the Frag Grenade.
  • The old 'Microwave Meal' achievement also uses the legacy version of the Micro H.I.D..
  • Out of all the SCPs, SCP-079 is not shown in any achievement icon.
    • SCP-049 and SCP-096 are featured once each, SCP-106 is featured twice and SCP-173 is shown twice with one for its normal model and another with its Christmas model. SCP-939's model from Halloween 2018 has its glowing mouth featured.
  • In achievements tracking how many Class-D have been killed, there is a special statistic that tracks this number.
    • This statistic is known as "dboys_killed."
  • There is an unused achievement called "Roasted", which could be obtained by surviving a hit from a tesla gate as an SCP.
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